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5 Myths about Buying Wholesale

September 4, 2020 11:16

When you hear the word "wholesale," what comes to mind?

Do you start stressing out about how you might be able to afford a massive inventory order?
Do you still mix up the difference between wholesale and retail?
Are you still not entirely sure what the heck it means?!

Many business owners tend to throw it around left and right when they're talking about suppliers and inventory. But plenty of aspiring boutique owners still don't have a clear understanding of what it means to buy wholesale. (And it doesn't help that there are a lot of myths swirling around about what wholesale is, who can buy wholesale and how to do it!)

If you currently own an online boutique or you're thinking of starting one, you'll want to make sure your understanding of wholesale buying is crystal clear so you can get the very best deals.

We'll cover what exactly it means to buy wholesale. Then, we'll debunk a lot of persistent myths about buying wholesale. (Because you deserve to know the truth!)


What is Buying Wholesale?

By definition, wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others. So when you buy wholesale, you're purchasing items to resell them and make a profit.

Most wholesalers act as middlemen between boutique owners and factories. These wholesalers are known as merchant wholesalers, who stockpile inventory, then sell it to boutique owners at a significant markup.

"Supplied" does things a bit differently. We've established relationships with factories around the world to allow you to buy directly from their inventories. (That's how we're able to offer wholesale boutique items for up to 75% off wholesale prices!) No extra charges, no crazy markups, no middlemen. We believe it's the future of buying wholesale! 

5 Myths about Buying Wholesale

Myth 1: Only Big Companies Can Do It

It doesn't matter how established your boutique is – any licensed boutique owner can order wholesale items.

Depending on what state you live in, the license might be called a wholesale license, seller's permit, resale ID, retail ID, or reseller's license. You'll also need to register your business, obtain a sales tax license, and get a state tax ID number before you can apply for that wholesale license. But you don't need to have a lot of experience or a ton of $$$ to get started – as long as you have the paperwork, you can buy wholesale.

Myth 2: Wholesale Means You're Automatically Getting the Best Prices

I don't know if you've noticed, but there are A LOT of wholesale companies out there. And frankly, not all of them are on your side. They're out to make money – even if it means they've got to slap huge markups on their wholesale boutique items to do it.

Before choosing to work with a new supplier, it's a good idea to do some pricing research. Research both common wholesale prices from different vendors as well as common resale prices for similar items before making a decision. (Remember – just because a wholesaler recommends a resale price doesn't mean it's entirely accurate.)

Myth 3: Buying Wholesale Means Working with Foreign Suppliers – and Foreign Customer Service

While a lot of manufacturers are indeed based overseas where production costs are much lower, many wholesalers are based in the good old US of A.

That's how Supplied works! We have relationships with overseas suppliers all over the world and ship their products factory-direct from them to you. We have offices in all of the countries we source from, but our HQ and our customer service team is in California. You can reach them via chat, email, Facebook, or over the phone Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm PST.


Myth 4: You Have to Order a Ton of Items


Many boutique owners who are just starting out tend to shy away from wholesale because of this myth. But it's time you knew the truth: you don't have to order thousands of the same thing to buy wholesale!

Some wholesalers do indeed require a minimum order quantity to be eligible to purchase at wholesale prices, and that minimum isn't always small. But it's not always the case, at least not with Supplied.

Supplied allows you to order as many or as few items as you'd like. That way, you can try out all the products you want (you've got over 100,000 to choose from!) before placing a larger order of your favorites.


Myth 5: You'll Automatically Get Free Shipping and Other Perks

Nobody likes paying for shipping. But especially if you're placing a huge wholesale order, you'd TOTALLY expect shipping to be free, right?!

Nope! A lot of wholesalers don't include free shipping – and if they're shipping your items from overseas, those shipping charges can get really steep really fast. Most wholesalers don't have a very generous return policy either (if they even have one at all.)

That's just not how we do things here at Supplied. Anyone with a free Supplied account automatically unlocks free shipping over $150, along with free returns!



Supplied is ushering in the future of wholesale. We're eliminating the merchant wholesaler middleman and passing the savings right on to you. That way, you can get the best margins possible and run a totally successful boutique. We're rooting for you!

Start enjoying up to 75% off of wholesale prices, free shipping, and no minimum orders by becoming a Supplied premium member. (It's totally free!)


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