5 Perfect IG Shots to Show Off Your Products

October 8, 2020 14:57

I’m going to let you in on a secret… you don’t need to be a pro photographer to snap high-quality, IG-worthy shots of your products for your online boutique.

I mean, sure, professional product photos can really make your products shine and stand out from all the rest. And a professional can do a great job of making all of your product photos look cohesive while still highlighting key features of each item. But if hiring a professional product photographer just isn’t in the budget right now, or if you’ve always been more of a DIY girl anyway, we got you. Here are five perfect IG shot ideas to show off your products (and tips for how to achieve them!)

Outfit Inspo

Show how a certain item can go with other pieces. (Bonus if the other clothes are from your store – it’ll encourage multiple item buys!) Consider putting together a few different outfits to show how versatile it is.

To get the best angle for these sorts of full-body outfit photos, set up a tripod or ask someone else to take the picture. Want to go the extra mile? Buy some cheap solid-colored fabric from your local fabric store for a DIY backdrop!

Colorway Comparisons

Showcase all of the different colours a certain item comes in. You can do this by posting multiple photos to swipe through, or by taking one photo with all of the colorways in it. Why not enlist a few girlfriends to model for you and show all of them off? Invite engagement on your post by asking your followers which color option is their favorite.


Detail Shot

What is it that sets one little black dress apart from the rest? It’s all about the details. Take a few close-up shots to show off the unique details that make a piece special. For these types of photos, you’ll want to make sure the lighting is just right so the camera or your phone can pick up on small details. Try taking these photos outside or near a window.


Seasonal Photos

If you think a certain piece would make a PERFECT Christmas present… illustrate that visually! Take a photo of your product in a gift box, or near other seasonal items like candy canes or gingerbread. You can use the holidays to inspire your photos at other times of the year as well – take photos of all red and pink items during Valentine’s Day, put together a spooky outfit for Halloween, etc.


User-Generated Content

Okay, so this is one IG shot you actually can’t take by yourself. But you can still encourage it! Invite your audience to take photos of themselves dressed up in your boutique’s clothes. Have them tag your page in it, or create a unique hashtag to keep track of their photos. Then, share their photos and be sure to give them credit.


When it comes to taking great IG photos of your products, experimenting is everything. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try new things! Experimenting with different photography and editing styles will help you sharpen your skills and figure out what your audience responds best to. Use these IG shot ideas as a jumping-off point to start creating some great content.


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