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8 Tips to Help You Avoid Burnout While Running Your Own Boutique

September 10, 2020 17:32

Just because you’re a killer businesswoman doesn’t mean you’re superwoman.

No matter how hard you hustle, running your own online boutique can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. And other times, it can feel REALLY overwhelming. As rewarding as it is to own your own business and know you’re taking charge of your own destiny, it isn’t easy. Especially during the uber-busy holiday season. Oh, and during a global pandemic.

It’s normal to feel stressed out from time to time. You’ve just got to make sure you take good care of yourself so those stressful days don’t lead to total burnout. Here are 8 great tips to help you avoid burnout as you manage your online boutique. (Most of them are easy enough for you to do right here, right now!)


1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

No successful business was ever entirely built on the shoulders of just one person. Even the greats ask for help. In fact, they’re great BECAUSE they know when to take something on and when to delegate it away. So hire a pro to tackle marketing, get an assistant to help out with customer service inquiries, find a freelancer to manage your social media for you, or simply ask your mom if she can take your kids off your hands for an evening. It’ll let you have a much-needed break.

2. Stay organized

When you’re working hard, disorganization can be a big distraction. Do your best to keep your inventory, files, email inbox, and to-do list organized. If they’re all a bit of a disaster right now, set aside some time in your schedule to clean them up. It’ll help you regain a sense of ownership over the things you can control. (Plus, you’ll feel less distracted and more on top of things!)

3. Get your priorities straight

I’ve got some news for you – not everything on your to-do list is equally important. Make sure you tackle the most pressing tasks first and don’t sweat it if some others fall away. Get in the habit of saying yes to the most important things and saying no to others. It’s a small price to pay for your mental health and sanity!

If you find your to-do list getting longer and more daunting by the day, try removing one thing from your to-do list every morning. It’ll get you in the habit of judging when a task is necessary and when it’s just making you busier.

4. Schedule Breaks

When you’re crazy busy, downtime doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to plan it into your schedule – and once it’s scheduled, you’ve got to treat it just like you would any other meeting. (As in, don’t skip it or pretend it doesn’t exist!)

Walk your dog around the block, do a quick yoga flow, read a book – whatever it takes to get your mind off of work for a few moments. If you’re really can’t step away from your desk long enough to do any of that, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for just a minute. You’ll feel more refreshed to jump back in and tackle whatever difficult tasks you’ve got on your plate. 

5. Go to Work

If you’ve just started your own online boutique, chances are you may not have a physical office yet. But even if you’re running your boutique from home, it’s so important to have a physical location you can come and go to. Set up a designated office space, whether it’s in a tiny corner of your room or in the guest room. It’ll help you keep work separate from your personal life and feel less burnt out.

6. Clock Out

When you run your own business, your schedule is pretty much up to you. Do your best to set hard and fast business hours. It’s okay for them to be flexible – maybe you like to get started at 7 am or maybe you’re only able to commit to a few hours after work at your full-time job each day – but choose them and stick to them. Clocking out physically will help you clock out mentally.


7. Take Care of Yourself

Make sure you’re making plenty of time for self-care. No matter how busy you are, you’ve got to look out for #1! Take care of your physical health by exercising regularly and eating yummy, nutritious meals. Take care of your mental and emotional health by checking in with yourself regularly, taking breaks when you need to, and speaking kindly to yourself when things get tough. You deserve to feel healthy, happy and loved.

8. Leverage the right tools

There are so many resources out there to make running an online boutique way easier. From social media management to access to the best wholesale boutique items, the right tools can help take a huge load off your shoulders. Here are a few of our favorite resources:

  • Hootsuite makes it easier to plan your boutique’s social calendar & schedule posts
  • Shopify makes selling & creating a professional-looking online boutique a breeze
  • Monday makes it easier to manage projects and keep track of to-dos across teams. (Trello and Asana are also great for this!)
  • MailChimp makes it easier to send welcome emails, newsletters, shipping confirmations, and more to your mailing list
  • Supplied makes it easier (and more affordable!) to order new inventory, with free shipping and over 100,000 factory-direct items to choose from

Girl, you’ve totally got this. All of us here at Supplied have total faith in you, and we’re here to support you. Running a business isn’t easy, but with the right team by your side, it’s possible. 
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