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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Wholesale Sunglasses

July 7, 2021 15:33

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Wholesale Sunglasses

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Wholesale Sunglasses


Your future's looking so bright that you should start selling sunglasses. But really, selling sunglasses is a smart move for small businesses. The sunglass market is an incredibly untapped market with tons of potential for sales. While you probably can't carry medical-grade sunglasses that require a prescription, you can stock stylish pairs that tap into trends while still being functional.


Sunglasses are surprisingly personal. Everyone has a pair, and typically they say something about that person's life and style. Someone who spends a lot of time on the tennis court might have a pair of black, sleek, and sturdy sunglasses that look fit for athletics. Someone in design might have chunky white sunglasses to match their neutral color palette. 

Some standard sunglasses you might see out and about (and maybe in your store soon) are the following: 

  • Aviator- Classically cool, aviators span styles and trends. 
  • Cat Eye- Audrey Hepburn-esque and the perfect feminine touch. 
  • Clubmaster Style- Cute, stylish, and an excellent pick for a more professional look. 
  • Wayfarer Style- A distinctive style that's the chunkier (and bolder) version of the cat-eye sunglasses. 
  • Oversized- Headed to the beach? Don't forget your oversized sunglasses. 
  • Round- Round glasses are the perfect quirky companion for a sunny day. 
  • Sport- These sunglasses can get you through those hours spent on soccer, tennis, etc. 
  • Shield-These might be a little spacey, but they're also surprisingly trendy. 
  • Novelty- All aboard the cute train. Novelty glasses are fun shapes and sizes that add a quirky touch to any outfit.  


Everyone has a sunglasses style that they cater to more than others. Some of the reasons your customers are probably purchasing a new pair could simply be replacing the old one, finding a unique style, and selecting the right look for a particular location, among other reasons. When you also factor in how easily sunglasses are broken or lost, affordability could play a crucial part in selling sunglasses.


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Unless your small business is branding itself as a high-end retailer, we suggest making inventory choices that will keep prices down for customers and make you a profit. To do this, we recommend buying your sunglasses inventory from a wholesale supplier, which we'll dive more into later. Wholesalers often carry popular, simplistic styles that are popular with customers. If you decide to purchase wholesale fashion sunglasses, you can sell them for a reasonable cost and significant profit. 


sunglasses in bulk wholesale


Think From A Customer's Perspective

As a small business owner that wants to sell lots of sunglasses, you'll need to learn how to display them best. Think from the customer's point of view when it comes to planning marketing strategies. When a prospective customer breaks a pair of sunglasses or misplaces a pair he/she likes, it can be a nuisance to find another pair. The first thing this potential customer may do is hop online and look for a replacement pair. Another likely scenario is that your potential customer is looking for a specific style or trend. For these trendsetters, you'll want to stay on top of the newest fads and fashions, and be sure to stock up. It's essential to learn how to display your sunglasses, whether in your store or on your socials. Play around with pictures and try styling sunglasses with various outfits. You can also ask customers to showcase your sunglasses (always ask for permission to post customer photos). 


As trends can change rapidly, so can stock and availability. Similar to an online business selling jewelry, you'll benefit from selling a wide selection of affordable sunglasses. Even if some of your customers already have an everyday pair of sunglasses, they may end up falling in love with a pair that you've artfully displayed. Sunglasses are an affordable, simple item people buy without a second thought. 


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High-End Sunglasses 

As we mentioned before, high-end sunglasses are very different from off-brand sunglasses. Fashionable sunglasses that aren't designer are pretty popular, primarily due to the easily lost nature of sunglasses. High-end sunglasses may be harder to make a profit on and sell overall. Usually, when customers look for high-end products, including sunglasses, they will go directly to the brand online. Prices are generally cheaper when buying from the brand directly. You may recognize a few high-end, long-standing sunglass brands that customers may look for at a higher-end shop or buy online directly:  

  • Ray-Ban
  • Warby Parker
  • Gucci
  • Tom Ford
  • Moscot

Countless other brands dominate the market and are essential when it comes to setting trends in the market. It's a good idea to keep your eyes on these brands, even when you're selling more affordable options, so you can maintain a pulse on trends and styles that customers may want. The vast difference between high-end and low-end sunglasses and the different buying behaviors between the two makes the sunglasses market incredibly profitable.


Under normal circumstances, a higher percentage of people would take to the stores to try multiple pairs to determine which brand feels the best and which style is right for them. However, the rise in popularity of safe shopping online has changed the process. Many don't know that you don't need to break the bank for a practical pair of shades. That's where you and your online business come in. 


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Sunglasses Are In Demand

The demand for sunglasses has been going up over the years as sunglasses become trendier and more stylish. And, of course, as the trend of sunglasses has been rising, so has the price. 

High-end and name-brand designer sunglasses prices have skyrocketed to an all-time high. The demand for trendy, designer sunglasses and affordable, realistic dupes continues to increase. 


When customers buy a pair of sunglasses, they're probably looking for a pair to wear on a sunny day. But that's not all. They are also looking for a pair that will draw attention and look good. The consumer now wants sunglasses that insinuate they are a part of a trend and perhaps showcase a unique style or taste. Sunglasses and their styles have certainly evolved many times over the years. Now, more than ever, the sunglasses you wear say something about your style. 


The need for cute, off-brand sunglasses has opened up the sunglasses market significantly. This demand for trendy and functional shades makes buying and selling wholesale sunglasses a profitable business. You can purchase quality sunglasses wholesale and offer your customers a great product at a reasonable price. To find such a variety of sunglasses, you will need a supplier with a wide range of styles and the ability to accommodate your needs. Luckily, at Supplied, we give you a variety of bulk sunglasses for a great price so you can start selling fast. 


Tap Into Your Customer Base

We have already discussed the importance of catering to a specific customer group while still appealing to a diverse customer base. There are tons of sunglasses styles available for your customers. With a wholesale supplier, you can find the right inventory choices that align with your brand and keep customers satisfied. At Supplied, we strive to bring you quality sunglasses at the best wholesale price. When you are considering the right wholesaler for your needs, check to see if their options have options for:

  • Men - all ages
  • Women - all ages
  • Babies and children
  • People who work outside
  • Those looking for on-trend shades
  • Anyone who enjoys spending time in the sun


Untapped Market of Customers

People who have to wear prescription glasses or contacts may not be the demographic you should target. Anyone can buy sunglasses, but this specific market requires custom orders. As a small business owner primarily using a supplier for inventory, you may not offer the appropriate resources for what this group needs. However, that's okay because you still have a large potential customer base that will need sunglasses. Sunglasses are an excellent market for any first-time seller to help you get your business started. 


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Who Is Your Target Market?

A key benefit of starting a business in the sunglasses industry is finding wholesale options that appeal to a large market. As previously mentioned, the market is diverse, inclusive, and beneficial. Everyone wears sunglasses during the summer, from children to adults (and sometimes even dogs!). They are an accessory anyone would be looking to buy. So when choosing a selection to start buying and selling in bulk, ask yourself how many items you should buy from a wholesale supplier that pertains to your intended audience. If you specifically want to market toward men, think of the following style that has a more masculine twist to them: 

  1. The Wayfarer 
  2. The Clubmaster
  3. The Aviator
  4. Round Frames
  5. Clear Frames
  6. Mirrored Lenses
  7. Notch Bridge


Keep in mind that luxury sunglasses can be costly and add more risk to your inventory as you're looking for styles and brands to carry. If you are selling high-end sunglasses and they break, you are losing more money than intended. More affordable sunglasses purchased in bulk gives your business more range to experiment with your style, figure out what items work best with your customers, and start building revenue. While high-end sunglasses can have a higher profit margin due to their high prices, the more affordable, independently made sunglasses have a huge target market and can be sold quickly. It will take some cost-benefit analysis on which is best for your small business. We recommend starting with wholesale styles to offer quality products and prices, but it will be up to what fits your brand and business best. 


Give yourself a variety of options to sell, and you should have no shortage of prospective buyers. The target market is so vast that the only people who might not be purchasing fashionable sunglasses to wear need prescription lenses. Or those that live in primarily colder locations are subject to change when they go on vacation and start looking for a trendy pair. 


Buying sunglasses at wholesale prices is an innovative step you can do if you own accessories or fashion businesses. From distributor to wholesaler, you're working within the supply chain to your consumer, and sunglasses are an easy (and often less risky) way to test out the market. 


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Wholesale distributors conduct operations with your business in mind, giving you the tools to become a successful store. The prices that wholesalers like Supplied set are to keep your costs down to sell more and then buy more inventory. It's a symbiotic relationship, and when you succeed, we do too!


Supplied gets their products through manufacturers who make more products than they can then sell. Our employees regularly check in with our list of manufacturers to make sure we are the first to get the newest products at low prices.


This efficient and hard-working method of stocking our shelves leads to lower prices that the retailers we sell to pay, which is an excellent thing for everyone in the supply chain. 


Pro-tip: If you are a retailer, you should have an EIN through the IRS and a resale license, which you present at checkout. By buying wholesale fashion sunglasses, you cut out the middleman and buy them at the base price, giving you a more significant profit margin once you sell them to a consumer.


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Gen Z Styles 

It might come as a surprise, but generation z, those born after 1996 and the current force behind many fashion trends, are all about sunglasses. Somehow, sunglasses have become a whole new fashion statement with this group, and it's vital to keep your eyes peeled to various social media for what this group is wearing.


While understanding what Gen Z is buying (and inspiring their friends to buy) is vital to any accessory or clothing business, it's imperative if you're planning to sell directly to this demographic. And keep in mind that while some Gen Z's are old enough to buy sunglasses and other items themselves, some will still be shopping with their parents. This slight gap in age and situation makes it a steller demographic to target. If you carry both sunglasses that someone around or under twenty years old would wear and more classic and functional styles, you could be scoring sales from them and their parents. So what kind of styles are selling hot for this tech-native group? 


designer sunglasses wholesale


From cat-eye to outlandishly chunky or bedazzled, the kids and young adults in Gen Z are looking for affordable sunglasses that make a statement. And when we say a statement, we mean it. Generation Z is unique in their constant desire to...well, BE unique. They want sunglasses that help them stand out among their peers (and their parents). This generation is a new type of customer due to their ability to access research on current fashions using a phone and buy those trends online.


Fashion is moving faster than it ever has in history, and it's not just the upper-class who are accessing the trends. These days, style is more global and more focused on being unique and authentic rather than just following whatever is popular in the area. Rather than trends catching on years later from the time fashion designers released their creations onto the runway, young people can find the new trends and buy products even faster. It's a great target market, or at least a market to keep in mind when you're shopping for inventory. Some of the trends that are likely to be great sellers with this generation are below: 

  • Chunky- the chunkier, the cooler. 
  • Angular- Sharp upsweeps and corners give a modern edge. 
  • Crazy Colors- Olive, white, hot pink. Try grabbing some inventory in colors that pop. 
  • Oversize Square- Kind of like the chunky styles; the bigger you can go, the more you'll probably sell. 


Of course, selling sunglasses means you don't have to restrict yourself to one small target market. Instead, you can carry a wide variety that appeals to many of your potential customers. While it's always good to keep your target customer base and your overall brand in mind when stocking inventory, you can play around with sunglass styles and trends. Just be sure to keep track of what sells best and to who, and then make inventory adjustments as needed.


Perks Of Buying Wholesale

Now that we've talked about your market let's talk about why it's good to shop with a wholesale supplier for your inventory. While we might have been slightly biased toward using a wholesaler, we have some significant reasons for why you should be, too. 


wholesale sunglasses bulk


Wider Variety of Styles 

Instead of being bound to whatever your local clothing and accessories store has in stock, distributors carry hundreds of styles. Since you're likely stocking up for your store, you want to make sure you are offering consumers lots of styles and trends. 


As we've mentioned, every customer is different, so a pair of sunglasses that one customer may think is fun can be flashy and over-the-top for someone else. Similarly, a basic aviator set can be one customer's go-to, but another customer can see them as dull and old-fashioned. 


By shopping with a wholesale sunglasses distributor, you can scroll through a variety of styles in seconds, adding diversity to your shelves. Because a wholesale site has more variety, you can also browse using more specific criteria, like material, price, and quality. Using a wholesaler means you get more bang for your buck when you're buying inventory. 


Cutting Edge Styles  

We'll always recommend that you stay up on trends that customers will want to see. However, shopping for sunglasses wholesale exposes you to the latest styles and trends, as well. While other shopkeepers might wait until the new season to see the current trends, you can get ahead by staying on top of a wholesalers' latest styles. 

Supplied keeps an eye on what the fashion predictions are for the upcoming months so that you can be among the first shops to offer them. Some examples of 2021 trends we offer are listed below:  


wholesale luxury sunglasses


As someone who is selling accessories, you should stay informed about these latest trends in fashion. The fashion industry is a booming one, so there's no shortage of opinion leaders to look to learn about what's trending. Carve out some time each week to browse for the latest trends. 


Some ways you can keep up with the fashion world are:

  • Scroll through fashion blogs, and flip through fashion magazines. Blogs and magazines have staffers that work every day to find and spread the latest fashion news. Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Who What Wear are widely followed opinion leaders in the fashion world. In fact, likely, your shoppers may also pay attention to these outlets.
  • Keep an eye out for celebrity style. Paparazzi constantly flank fashion-forward celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Jennifer Lopez, so photos surface of their outfits almost every time they leave the house. The stores will likely mimic the clothes that they wear.
  • Follow style-centric pages on social media. Especially on Pinterest and Instagram, fashion is one of the most popular niches. You can follow fashionable celebrities, magazine outlets, designers, brands, and even just pages where people post striking street style.
  • Watch fashion shows. Many designer runway shows are posted over to Youtube after they happen. Pay close attention to the prints, shapes, and colors that are used throughout their designs because these directly translate into the season's trends that are sold in stores.


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Why You Should Sell Sunglasses At Your Store

Buying from wholesale suppliers puts you further up the factories' distribution chain, allowing you to get the newest styles earlier in the season. You can launch your inventory before your competitor, giving you a marked competitive advantage. 


Affordable Prices 

Ordering in bulk may not sound like an affordable option, but you'll find that you'll save hundreds in the long run. By ordering directly from suppliers, you don't have to pay a go-between. The price you see on the website is the price you'll pay, helping you to keep costs significantly lower. 


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Additionally, buying in bulk gives you more discounts. The larger the order, the lower per item the cost will be. For example, if you buy 40 pairs of sunglasses, you will pay less per pair than if you had just ordered five.


Wholesalers often require order minimums, which can put newer stores in uncomfortable positions. However, Supplied has no order minimum, so you can order whatever amount you feel is best for your budget. This ability is ideal for starting a business to begin making small orders while building your customer base. 


Pro-Tip: When you have a resale license, you don't have to pay sales tax on the items you buy for your store. Instead, sales tax is charged to the customer that buys the product from you.



While prices are low, that doesn't mean wholesale eyewear is of cheap quality. Prices are lower because you are buying higher up in the supply chain. Buying wholesale cuts out go-betweens in the supply chain, ensuring you get the best price. 


While you can't touch the product yourself when ordering online, you can check on the material, so you aren't surprised when it shows up. Also, check to see if your supplier will send you a product sample before you buy in bulk. Since Supplied has no order minimum, you can order a small amount before committing to a large inventory. 


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Online Convenience 

You can find great wholesale vendors online, which comes with a variety of benefits. 


If you live in a small town, online shopping opens your inventory up to places you would never have gotten to travel to, even without COVID restrictions. While many shop owners like to travel to showcase markets in cities like Atlanta and Dallas, you have access to endless products through the internet. You can order your products online and get other tasks done while the product is shipped right to your door.


When you're running your store, you are often juggling many projects at once. The fast-paced nature of your profession gives you little time for unnecessary and time-consuming tasks. Restocking your store is essential, but you shouldn't have to spend hours reordering your best-selling products. Luckily, online sellers like Supplied make reordering easy by keeping track of your past purchases and amounts.


Great Business Opportunity 

If you already have a passion for the industry, starting a retail store can be a lucrative idea. The key is finding a wholesale supplier that sells quality products and affordable prices and tapping into a great customer base. 


Supplied is a wholesaler that puts you in a position to be successful. Not only are our prices low, but because we do not have a minimum order policy, it allows you to keep your purchases within budget. If you spend over $150, we give you free shipping! It's a win-win situation. 


By ordering large amounts for a lower cost per piece, you can sell them at retail prices and expand your profit margins. 


The profit margin of buying discount wholesale products is one reason that accessory and clothing stores can be so successful. You can run your business from home and make your hours. With the internet, you can find inexpensive, or even free, methods of advertising. It all depends on the direction you want to go. It's your life and your store! We're here to help you make your dreams come true.


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What Are The Differences In Sunglasses Quality?

The last thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying sunglasses for your store is quality. There are non-apparent differences in the quality of sunglasses that can significantly change the value. Visual clarity is an essential factor and is one of the many differences between expensive high-end sunglasses and wholesale sunglasses. 


Comfort might be the most crucial factor that customers will rely on reviews for if your company is online. Small online businesses will most likely not modify the nosepiece or frames to determine the most comfortable fit. There's no need to stress, however, as this will only save costs on your end. Usually, the glasses in your inventory will not have interchangeable features. You can sell quality, comfortable glasses at a much lower price than other stores. 


Luxury sunglasses are harder to manage, market, and sell, although they are a high-quality accessory. Keep in mind that all sunglasses that are properly maintained and cared for can last a long time. People who use sunglasses daily may find that a high-quality pair lasts longer than one that is not. As a small business owner in the sunglasses industry, you might see that frequently. However, that allows you to grow a consistent customer base passionate about keeping up with trends. You can meet their needs with your variety of fantastic sunglasses.


About Supplied 

Supplied is very different from other wholesale vendors in the industry. We make sure to only source from countries where we have offices, and the constant communication between the manufacturers and our employees makes for efficient buying. 


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Our production team constantly searches our manufacturer's inventory to see what products have been over-produced, meaning they are trying to get rid of them. When they make more products than they can sell, we snatch them up at a discount, which leads to an even more significant value for you! Through Supplied, you can get up to 75% wholesale prices (which are typically already discounted significantly). 


As a small business owner, money is tight, and we understand that. That's why we work to keep costs low and to give you opportunities to make money. These include no order minimums, bulk buying discounts, and free shipping over orders of $150. We ship our orders fast so that you can start selling as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or concerns about an order, our customer service team is available to you from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST Monday through Friday. Feel free to drop us a line using our website's instant message feature or through our Facebook page. You can also email our customer service team at [email protected]. Happy Selling!

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