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Email Marketing Tips for Boutique Owners

November 20, 2020 17:29


Here’s a hot tip: don’t underestimate the power of email.


Email is one of the most potent and cost-effective marketing methods out there, and it’s here to stay. Studies show that customers prefer to receive marketing materials via email – and since customers like being advertised to that way, it tends to pay off.


By building an email list, you’re compiling a group of people who want to stay in touch with your brand, who you can communicate and advertise to whenever you’d like for FREE.


Sounds awesome, right? No matter how big or small your shop is, these email marketing tips for boutique owners will help you start taking advantage of this profitable channel.


Choose an email marketing platform

If you haven’t already signed up with an email marketing platform to keep track of your mailing list and send newsletters, transactional emails, and promotional emails, now’s the time. MailChimp, Klaviyo, and other email automation platforms have free versions for businesses just getting started. They’ll allow you to add an email signup form to your website, compile your email list, send out emails to subscribers, track click rates, and more.


When it comes to creating email marketing materials, this is something you can either outsource to a professional for a more custom design or figure out on your own. Many platforms are rather user-friendly, with easy-to-follow templates that still look professional.


Make signing up easy

You’ll want to make it really, REALLY easy for your audience to join your mailing list. Don’t just tuck a link in at the bottom of the page – add a banner on your website, a permanent link in the footer, pop-ups throughout your site, links on social, etc. You’ll get many more subscribers that way! 


Offer an incentive for joining

Beyond making it easy for people to sign up, you’ll want to make people WANT to sign up. One of the most common ways of making that happen is to offer a one-time perk for subscribing to your mailing list. This could be a 10% off discount, free shipping, or a free gift with their first order. Not only could this make new customers more likely to make that first purchase, it’ll also open the door for you to keep sending them out campaigns to drive them back to your site. Win-win! 


Mix up your emails

Sure, loyal customers are gonna be interested in sales you’ve got going on… but nobody really enjoys feeling like they’re just being sold to. Plus, if all of your emails are same old same old, people are gonna stop opening them altogether. Consider different types of emails you can send, from newsletters to event announcements to new product launches to, yes, occasional promotions.


Invite, invite, invite

Every email you send should include a clear call to action, ideally in button form. Make sure what you want the reader to do next is really clear, whether it’s “shop now,” “read more,” “download now,” etc. Keep it short and simple!


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