Six Things You Can Do Today to Generate Sales When Foot Traffic is Slow

July 1, 2020 04:29

Six Things You Can Do Today to Generate Sales When Foot Traffic is Slow

By Merchandiser Lauren Phillips

There’s nothing harder to watch than declining footfall, and now more than ever during the coronavirus epidemic, retailers are seeing their traffic disappear. What is a retailer supposed to do during these times? How are they expected to make their sales if customers are staying home for an unknown length of time? Here are six easy things any brick and mortar retail business can do to help improve sales when their customers stay home.

  1. Maximize the use of social media. Make sure you’re featuring all the best of your product in appealing ways to ensure that customers are seeing all that you have and remember that you’re there. Flat lays, models, and styled looks all help to accomplish an engaging social media channel, and will help to grow your customer base. When customers aren’t able to come experience your store in person, they need to interact with your brand online. Be sure to give them a digital experience much like what they would get in store.

  2. Set up a delivery service. Who doesn’t want to shop, when the goods can come delivered straight to your house? Find a service and enlist their help.

  3. Expand your brick and mortar footprint into ecommerce. To go along with delivery, you’ll need a great website, and ideally one that is easy to maintain. The sooner you can start accepting payment online, the sooner your customers can start purchasing from you, so be sure to get that up and running ASAP.

  4. Create an email list and host a flash (digital) sale. Everyone loves a sale, and especially when they can enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.

  5. Be flexible and able to pivot your product strategy based off of current customer needs. I can’t stress this one enough as the global market is shifting. Sometimes you need to meet your customer where they’re at, rather than pushing what you have.

  6. Building and maintaining a book of business (or client rolodex) can be incredibly helpful in driving foot traffic during slow months. Reaching out directly to them via text, call, or email, can be just the encouragement they need to pop in. Don’t underestimate how effective a personal note can be. And with that, once you have completed your transaction with a good customer, always be sure to follow up with a thank you, it guarantees they’ll remember your service.

During times when it’s challenging to get customers through your door, stay positive, be inventive, and partner with your community of fellow business owners. Having the support and network, will help you get through the challenges and grow within your tight knit community.

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