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Will Holiday Shipping Delays Affect My Supplied Order?

October 29, 2021 13:56

Will Holiday Shipping Delays Affect My Supplied Order?

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With the holidays just around the corner, you’re likely looking forward to a very busy season as a boutique owner. But as busy as the shopping holidays themselves can be, the weeks and months leading up to them can be even busier due to planning, sourcing inventory, and juggling 2021’s fraught retail environment.


With supply chain backups, shipping carrier delays, and higher demand for Christmas gifts than ever before, Christmas 2021 is shaping up to be a tricky season to navigate. For your customers, that may mean having a hard time finding the exact Christmas presents they want to purchase and making sure they arrive on time. But for you, it starts with sourcing inventory.


As a business owner, you’re probably already thinking about what you can do to accommodate all kinds of supply chain delays – and chances are, you want to know how your suppliers are currently handling them, too.


Here at Supplied, we strive to get affordable inventory into boutique owners’ hands (and shelves) as soon as humanly possible. Though many of our products are sourced from the other side of the planet, we’ve managed to trim year-round delivery time down to as short as two weeks.


But this is our busiest time of the year, too, and we’re all about transparency over here. We recommend ordering holiday inventory as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and give your customers plenty of time to shop.


Here’s everything you need to know about holiday shipping delays here at Supplied and beyond.


Is Supplied experiencing shipping delays?

First off, the question on everyone’s minds (and flooding our customer service team’s inbox): should I expect holiday shipping delays to affect my Supplied order?


Good news: the answer is no; Supplied is not experiencing shipping delays right now. You can expect your inventory to arrive during the usual turnaround time if you place an order now. 


Supplied uses air shipping rather than ocean freight, and air shipping timelines currently are not experiencing widespread delays. (This may change in the coming weeks if other businesses make the switch to air shipping.)


However, it’s still a good idea to stay up-to-date on shipping delays that may affect customer shipments. After all, even if you’re able to receive your holiday inventory in a timely manner, ground shipping delays could impact when your products ultimately arrive to your customers or their loved ones.


The United States Postal Service has announced that packages traveling longer distances will now be delivered in 4-5 days rather than 2-3 days. It is estimated that these delays will impact around 30% of all packages. Additional delays due to high volume are also possible. They also announced temporary peak season price increases on shipping from October 3 to December 26.


FedEx and UPS packages may also be delayed due to heavy package volume and COVID-19 business closures.


When should I place my holiday orders?

Short answer? As soon as possible.


We’re not just being dramatic! The sooner you place your holiday orders, the sooner you’ll receive them – and the longer you’ll have to actually sell your products and make a profit. And the holiday season really can be a big deal for your business if you treat it right. Depending on the type of retail store you have, the holiday quarter could account for 35% or more of your annual sales. 


What’s more, experts predict that holiday retail sales will increase by as much as 7-9% this year… meaning there’s even more opportunity to earn $$ than ever before.


Ordering early can also help you avoid air shipping delays. While Supplied isn’t currently experiencing any shipping delays, that could change as carriers start experiencing higher demand and more packages. Take advantage of a good situation while you can!


If you’re looking for a specific date to get your inventory before Christmas, November 7th is the last day we recommend purchasing your products. With ground shipping delays expected, we want our sellers to have ample time to sell and ship any merchandise. If you sell locally and only need a week or so to turn around your items, November 14th is the absolute last day to order, giving you 1-2 weeks to sell the products before Christmas day. See the charts below for how we break this down. 

To summarize the infographics above:

If you ship your products nationally

November 7th is the last safe day to order inventory for Christmas. If you’re feeling risky, you could potentially get them in time ordering by November 14th.


If you ship your products in-state

November 7th is also what we recommend, but this would give you more time to sell your products. If you’re feeling risky shipping in-state, you could potentially get them in time ordering by November 17th. 


If you sell your products locally

November 14th is the last safe day to order your goods and get them sold. If you’re feeling risky or aren’t worried about clearing your inventory before Christmas, you could potentially get your products by November 24th


What type of shipping does Supplied use?

Supplied ships all domestic U.S. orders with FedEx or UPS international air shipping. This typically takes 10-12 days. Add that to Supplied’s average processing time of 10 days to consolidate orders and ship them out, and you can expect to receive your products from 2-3 weeks from order placement.


It’s good to note that Supplied shipping costs have not increased due to the holidays, either. Plus, you can still enjoy free shipping on your first order of $75+ or all orders of $150+.


For the most accurate delivery estimate, check the estimated arrival time listed at checkout as well as below the “Add to Cart” button on every product page.


Learn more about Supplied’s shipping and return policies here.


How can I learn more about shipping updates?

To stay up to date on shipping timelines, join the Supplied Family Facebook group and keep an eye on this shipping page.


You can also check on UPS and FedEx’s current air shipping status to see any rolling updates of delivery timelines.


If you’re wondering about a specific order, send an email to [email protected] or contact us here. Our customer service team would be more than happy to give you a shipping update on your order!


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