How to Earn Free Inventory with Supplied!

May 7, 2021 15:20

How to Earn Free Inventory with Supplied!

How to Earn Free Inventory with Supplied!

Did someone say FREE inventory? Oh yes, we went there. ;)


Here at Supplied, we’re always trying to think of new ways we can help boutique owners feel empowered to turn their dreams into a reality. And we know that especially when you’re just starting out, you can use all the help you can get!


For our customers who keep coming back and trusting Supplied to keep their boutique stocked with sparkly, trendy items… this one’s for you.


Consider yourself officially invited to the Yaas Reward Program! (It’s gonna be a party, we promise!)


Once you create an account, you’re officially a member of the club.


As a Supplied member, you have the chance to earn free inventory simply by shopping, leaving honest reviews, and referring your boss babe friends.


Read on to learn how you can start earning free inventory today!


Who Can Join the Supplied Yaas Reward Program?

The Supplied Yaas Reward Program is open to any and all Supplied members. In fact, you don’t even have to request to enroll – if you have an account, you’re part of the program. You may have been earning Sparkles this entire time without even knowing it! If you already have an account, navigate to the My Account section, then click on the “Yaas” Reward Club to see your sparkling earnings.


Don’t have a Supplied account yet? Signing up is easy, and totally free! To get started, click the “Create wholesale account” button on the Supplied homepage. Choose whether to create an account with Google, Facebook, or your email. Then, you’ll need to answer a few questions about you and your business, including the year you started your business, where you sell, what sort of products you sell, your estimated annual revenue, and whether you have a current business license. That’s all there is to it! For more information on how to place your first order with Supplied, click here.


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How to Earn Supplied Sparkles

Earning Supplied Sparkles (or points) is as easy as clicking “add to cart.” When you shop for wholesale boutique items with Supplied, you earn FREE inventory with every order, review, and referral.

Here are the four ways you can earn sparkles:


  1. Spend a dollar

For every dollar you spend, you’ll earn 10 sparkles automatically. Cha-ching!


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  1. Write a review

For every 50+ word review you leave about a product you’ve purchased, you’ll earn 500 sparkles automatically. The length matters, but the star rating doesn’t – your honest opinion will help us know which products are up to our high standards, and help your fellow business owners make the right inventory decisions!


  1. Leave a photo review

Grab your phone or your camera and snap a pic! Leave a review that includes a product photo and you’ll earn 750 sparkles automatically.


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  1. Leave a video review

They say a picture speaks a thousand words… which makes a video even more expressive. Leave a review that includes a video of the product and you’ll earn an extra 1000 sparkles automatically!

What Do Sparkles Do?

Sparkles can be applied to your next order, just like cash. Order enough sparkles, and your next order just might be totally free!


To apply sparkles to your order, simply shop as usual, proceed to checkout, and select “apply sparkles” when selecting your payment method. No need to accumulate a certain number of sparkles before you can use them – you can save them up until you have so many they could cover your entire next order, or you can use them as you go for a nice discount.


The sparkles you earn also determine the perks you unlock.


As a new member, you’ll start out as a Sequin. You’ll enjoy a 1x sparkles multiplier, free 30-day returns, eligible for net-60 terms & free shipping.


After you earn 10,000+ sparkles, you’ll be a Rhinestone. You’ll qualify for a 1.2x sparkles multiplier, with all the same perks as Sequins PLUS free business training, free PR opportunities, and early access to new arrivals.


After you earn 50,000+ sparkles, you’ll be a Sapphire. You’ll enjoy a 1.5x sparkles multiplier, with all the same perks as Rhinestones PLUS early access to sales, a birthday gift, and invitations to exclusive events.


After you earn 200,000+ Sparkles, you’ll be promoted to Diamond status – the highest tier in the club! You’ll have a 2x sparkles multiplier, all the same perks as Sapphire, PLUS free inventory with every order, access to the exclusive CEO hotline, and merchandiser curation service.


Essentially, the more you spend, the faster you’ll accumulate Sparkles to get discounts on future orders – and the more access you’ll have to resources that will help you grow your business.


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Refer a Friend to Earn 

Don’t worry, there’s still one more way to earn loads of free inventory! Chances are, you’ve got a few boss babe BFFs who could totally benefit from Supplied’s wide selection, amazing prices, and even better margins.


Simply share your unique referral link with a business owner friend, and you’ll make 3% off of EVERY purchase they make for their first year. (Not just their first order… the entire year!) You can use that percentage toward future inventory, with no earning caps whatsoever. Don’t worry, it’ll be a super sweet deal for them too – they’ll get $100 of free inventory on their first order!


To share your referral link, head over to My Account and click on My Referral Earnings. You’ll be able to copy your unique automatically generated referral link, share it on social media, or send it in an email. You’ll also be able to see any $$ you’ve already earned.


Start Earning Free Inventory!

Now that you know all the deets, it’s time to start earning free inventory for your boutique! Simply sign up, start shopping, review your products, and start saving.


Still don’t have a Supplied account yet? Click here to sign up!

Already a Supplied member? Click here to start shopping – and start earning!


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