How to Find a Wholesaler You Can Trust

October 27, 2020 14:41


Maybe you’re just about to start an online boutique. Or maybe your boutique’s inventory is looking a little sad and empty. One thing’s for sure – you need some super trendy wholesale boutique items to fill it with. Products that your ideal customers will totally swoon over. And, ideally, products with low enough prices and large enough margins to swoon over, too. 


But actually finding, ordering, and receiving those items? Honestly, that can be one of the trickiest things about being a boutique owner. With so many wholesale suppliers out there located all over the world, it can be a challenge to find the right inventory for the right price from the right supplier. (Especially if you’re a small business looking to order lower quantities!) We’ll cover all the things you should look for in order to find a wholesaler you can trust.


A Wide Selection of Items

A lot of boutique owners end up ordering just a few styles from multiple different suppliers, since most wholesalers have a really limited selection of items. While it’s fine to diversify your suppliers, ordering from a lot of different vendors means you have to deal with multiple customer service teams – often from all over the world. Finding one main supplier to work with makes life a lot easier.


Great Customer Service


You’ll get the highest margins if most of the wholesale items you purchase are overseas. But if possible, look for a supplier with a friendly, US-based customer service team. That way, your business hours will match up more closely and you won’t have to worry about any language barriers.


Fair Shipping/Return Policies

You’d think that when you’re ordering hundreds of dollars worth of inventory, shipping would automatically be free, right? Well… not always. A lot of wholesale suppliers don’t offer free shipping of any kind – and international shipping charges for bulk orders can get pricey REALLY fast. Most suppliers don’t offer returns, either. Look into each supplier’s shipping and return policies carefully before placing an order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Reasonable (Or No!) MOQs


MOQs or minimum order quantities can be really tough on new boutique owners. Many wholesale suppliers place a lower limit on how many units of one style you can order at their wholesale price – and that limit isn’t always very low! Look for a supplier with reasonable MOQs – or better yet, no MOQs!


Competitive Pricing

Just because an item is listed as wholesale doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to get the best price. Most wholesalers are essentially middlemen, purchasing large quantities of items from factories and selling them at a significant markup. A little pricing research can go a long way for your margins. Look into what different wholesalers charge for similar items as well as their typical retail prices.


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