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How to Keep Your Boutique’s FB Group Engaged

November 16, 2020 08:17


Facebook groups are one of the most powerful tools for creating a community of passionate fans of your brand. They offer you the ability to forge a more genuine, intimate connection with your customers and even sell products directly via Facebook lives.


But keeping your boutique’s Facebook group totally engaged? That’s easier said than done. (Anyone who’s ever shared a photo that totally flopped and didn’t get much interaction knows what I’m talking about!)


Here are a few tips for keeping your boutique’s Facebook group engaged (and to drive up sales in the process!) 


1. Set yourself up for success

From the very beginning, make it clear what exactly the Facebook group is for. Update the group’s about section, banner page, and profile pic in a way that’s clear, professional, and on-brand. Make sure the answers to the following questions are clear and easy to find:

  • Who is this group for?
  • What is this group about?
  • What special perks will group members get?
  • How can group members buy your products?


2. Share relevant content


This is a big one – you’ll want to make sure you’re sharing information & content that’s genuinely relevant and interesting to them. These might be blog posts (written by you or found elsewhere on the internet), memes, product photos, TikTok videos… whatever you think might add value to their lives or a smile to their faces.


3. Make it exclusive


What does a person get out of being a part of your Facebook group? Priority access to new arrivals? Frequent giveaways? Member-only promotions? A lifetime 10% off discount? Getting to be a part of an active, involved, supportive community? Decide what’s in it for them… and make sure they continue to feel rewarded for being a member.


4. Encourage sharing


Your Facebook group shouldn’t be filled with you talking into the void! Encourage group members to share their own thoughts about new purchases, outfit ideas, wardrobe staples, etc. You want your group to feel like a community – and that means your members need to feel connected to each other, not just you! Be sure to engage with posts that members share as well by leaving a comment.


5. Invite engagement


Increase comments, likes, and even shares by inviting your Facebook group to engage with your posts. Think about it: it’s a lot more natural to leave a comment when the caption asks, “Which pair of earrings do you like better?” than when it says, “New earrings today.” A simple “like if you agree” or “comment your favorite” can go a long way! 


6. Be personal

Facebook groups are unique because they’re run through your personal account, not your customer-facing business page. Allow your Facebook group members to see the most personal, intimate side of your business. Sure, you want to stay professional – but sharing more about the real you & the behind-the-scenes of your business will help you build trust.


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