October 26-30, 2020


How to Make the Perfect Facebook Live Video for Selling Online

September 23, 2020 18:50


When it comes to starting your own boutique, most people out there seem to think there are two options. Either you open your own brick and mortar store, or you start your own website to sell your clothes from. But there’s actually a third way… and when done right, it can be just as lucrative as those other more conventional ways, with way lower startup costs. Over the past few years, many boutique owners have found a lot of success selling on Facebook Live.

Countless studies have shown that customers respond very well to video content – and live video is even more powerful, producing 6x as many interactions as traditional videos. Facebook Live is an excellent marketing tool for any small business owner. Though it’s pretty easy to get the hang of, read on for some quick tips on how you can make your Facebook Live sales videos more effective.


Go live in a Facebook group

Facebook doesn’t allow selling on your personal page, so you’ll want to create a Facebook group dedicated to displaying and selling your boutique products. Create your Facebook group well in advance of scheduling your first Facebook live to give your friends and customers time to join it.

Schedule your Facebook Live video

Don’t just spring your Facebook Live video on your customers – hype it up a bit first! Treat it like a broadcast and set a time and date for when your customers should plan on tuning in. Consider checking your Facebook Insights to see when your customers are most active and plan it around those times.


Plan ahead

Make sure you have all of your inventory ready to show before you start your video. Gather the equipment, clothing, and other items you might need throughout the video. Do a quick test run beforehand to make sure the internet and your other equipment is running smoothly.

Show off the clothes

Once you’ve started your Facebook Live video, make sure you show off the goods! Have each physical product you’re planning on selling on-hand so you can illustrate everything you’re telling them about. 

The longer, the better

The Facebook algorithm tends to distribute videos that are longer than an hour more widely in newsfeeds, giving your video a better chance of being seen and discovered. Don’t be afraid to go in-depth about each product.

Invite engagement

Think of your Facebook Live video as a conversation between you and your viewers. Invite people to like, comment, and purchase throughout the broadcast by asking them questions and requesting their feedback on different products.

Personalize it

Facebook Live videos are so much more fun and personal than just clicking “add to cart” on a website. Call out individual people by name as they interact with your post. It’ll make your viewers feel more connected and involved.

Create urgency

Give your customers a good reason to purchase the items they have their eyes on before the video ends. Offer a discount that’s only good during the one-hour live video, emphasize your limited inventory, let them know when you run out of something, etc.

Make it easy to buy

Be very clear about what exactly a person has to do in order to purchase something. Do they need to visit a link in the comments? Do they need to comment “SOLD” with the item number? Do they need to DM you their shipping address? Taking the guesswork out of purchasing an item will make your viewers more likely to buy. 


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