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No minimum order requirement Free shipping over $150 Free 30-day returns Get Started Free

How Supplied Makes it Easier for Boutique Owners to Shop Wholesale

August 24, 2020 12:07

How Supplied Makes it Easier for Boutique Owners to Shop Wholesale


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Shopping for yourself can be a fun, blissful, even therapeutic experience. Sure, you’ve got sales, sizes, and style to consider, but you’ll usually walk out of the store or click away from your online cart feeling refreshed and excited about your latest purchase.


Shopping for your boutique, on the other hand? Well, that can get downright stressful. From margins to trends to your audience’s taste to the right wholesale suppliers to work with, there are about a zillion things to consider. It doesn’t matter how much of an ultra-savvy girl boss you are – it’s still easy to get a little overwhelmed.


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That’s where Supplied comes in. Supplied makes shopping for wholesale boutique items a breeze. Need to restock your inventory fast? Hoping to find a wide variety of items so you can make sure to provide your customers with options they don’t just love, but LOOOOVE? Yeah, Supplied was pretty much made for you.


With free shipping & returns, no minimum orders, a seriously huge inventory, and jaw-dropping low prices, it’s never been easier to run a successful boutique. We’ll break down all the ways Supplied makes it easier to shop wholesale – and run the uber-successful clothing store of your dreams.


No Minimum Orders

A lot of boutique owners (and regular people, for that matter) tend to shy away from wholesale. Why? Many think “wholesale” is code for “get it for cheap if you order thousands of the same thing.”

Supplied looks at wholesale differently, with no minimum order required to enjoy incredible factory-direct prices. That way, you can start as small (or big!) as you’d like. Try out all the products you want before placing a larger order of your favorites.

No minimum orders on wholesale items make Supplied great for offering seasonal or limited-edition collections. It’s also a nice feature if you’d like to test out introducing a new type of item into your store without the risk. See how your audience responds before making a huge financial commitment.


Free Shipping & Returns

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We’ve all been there, You’ve picked out your items, you’ve filled your cart, you’ve already envisioned how stoked your customers will be when you launch these new items you’re about to order… and then you see it. That annoyingly high shipping charge that makes you question whether you even need to carry any new products anyway.

As a small business owner, all the little costs of running your business can really add up. Some suppliers seem to charge you every chance they get. 


Well, that’s just not Supplied’s style. Anyone with a free Supplied account automatically unlocks free shipping over $150. (Because let’s be real, who likes paying for shipping? NO ONE.) That way, you’ll only have to budget for the actual deeply discounted cost of the items you’re ordering.


Plus – and pretty much no other wholesalers ever do this – Supplied even offers free returns. That gives you a little wiggle room to actually see your new inventory in person before offering it to your clientele. (And if you order something and then realize you’ve already got plenty of stock as is, no worries! Just send it back for free within seven days and get a full refund. No questions asked.)


Massive Inventory of Wholesale Boutique Items

Here’s the thing – you know your customers best. You know whether they’re into maxi-dresses or miniskirts, dangly earrings or studs, flowy blouses or button-ups. Supplied’s huge inventory gives you factory-direct access to over 100,000 unique items in one place. There, you’ll find everything from women’s apparel to jewelry to even home decor. Shop by bestsellers, category, or style to find your audience’s perfect fit.

Supplied’s wide and varying inventory also makes it easier for boutique owners to expand their product offering down the road. Sure, maybe you’re starting with just women’s apparel right now – but eventually, you might want to start offering jewelry or shoes as well to cater to your customer’s needs.


Huge Wholesale Discounts

Supplied allows you to save up to 75% or more off already-low wholesale prices. Many wholesalers act as middlemen between a boutique owner and factories, stockpiling inventory at a significant markup. Supplied has established relationships with factories around the world to allow you to buy directly from their inventories. That way, you enjoy even more savings. No middlemen, no extra charges, no crazy markups. It’s the future of wholesale! 


Shopping wholesale for your boutique can be tricky to navigate – but now that you’ve found Supplied, it doesn’t have to be. Create a free account to start enjoying free shipping at 75% or more off wholesale prices today. 


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