Meet the CEO - Joseph's Story

September 30, 2020 15:45


Growing up in Los Angeles, a big part of my childhood was watching adults run small businesses. One of my first memories was watching my father work for his magazine company, which he started during a time when there were no computers. He’d spend hours cutting and pasting pictures and text onto large whiteboards. When I was 3 years old, I’d pretend I was a salesperson selling advertising for his company. 


I’d also shuffle back and forth on weekends to both of my grandparents’ businesses. My maternal grandmother owned an interior decorating company and my paternal grandmother owned a hair salon and a line of beauty care products. I’ve observed the same scrappy entrepreneurial spirit in so many of our customers. 

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I graduated from college, I moved to China and ended up starting a consulting business where I helped large brands and retailers source from factories in China. 

Though that business was successful, my heart was always with small businesses. I love knowing when you help a small business, you are impacting the actual lives of people you know.

Ultimately, while in China I ended up founding The/Studio, which is the parent company of Supplied. The/Studio was built with the understanding that with the advent of Instagram and Shopify, we’re entering the golden age of small businesses. 


I saw that small businesses could now easily set up websites and market to their customers, which totally equalled the playing field for SMBs. However, having lived in Asia, I saw that there was a whole other piece of the puzzle that was completely opaque to small businesses that really gave larger companies a huge advantage over small businesses. That other piece of the puzzle was manufacturing and the back-end supply chain.

Manufacturing was built for large companies, and therefore large companies had a huge advantage in bringing products to market. Factories didn’t want to deal with smaller orders, it was hard to find reliable factories, and there weren’t reliable technology tools to solve this problem.



We started The/Studio to democratize manufacturing. It allowed even the smallest brand to reliably manufacture products on their smartphone if they chose. Eventually, our message began to resonate and the company grew. We even raised money from top Silicon Valley investors. 

As The/Studio grew, we realized that not all customers wanted to manufacture custom products. Some customers just wanted a reliable way to buy and resell affordable wholesale inventory. We created Supplied to solve this problem. 



Supplied allows even the smallest company to purchase as little as one piece (no MOQ) from a selection of over 100,000 wholesale products from over 2,000 factories. Boutique owners get factory direct pricing to stock their online store, Instagram, Facebook Live, pop-up store, or brick and mortar retail store. 

Our mission is to create a network of 100 million entrepreneurs globally that are able to generate meaningful income and wealth for their families.

Welcome to the Supplied community. We hope that you meet all of your entrepreneurial dreams, and we’re always here to support you in doing so.


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