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No minimum order requirement Free shipping over $150 Free 30-day returns Get Started Free

Refer a Friend to Supplied!, Earn $75

September 28, 2021 13:20

Refer a Friend to Supplied!, Earn $75

new referal program


If you’re reading this right now, we hope you’ve already had a good experience with Supplied! Learn about a chance to spread the word, share the love… and earn $75 in free inventory!


As a small shop owner, running your own business can be lonely work sometimes. You’re practically running a one-woman show, selling wholesale boutique items, curating collections, offering excellent service, and creating something that’s entirely your own. But while you may be the one person scrambling behind the curtain… birds of a feather, right? Chances are, you know somebody who’s doing exactly what you’re doing, whether it’s a friend of yours who first inspired you to set out on your own or a fellow business owner you met at a pop-up event.


We hope Supplied has already helped to make your business a little easier. Our goal is to empower business owners like you (and your friends) to achieve their boutique dreams, and we seek to make that happen by offering factory-direct pricing, no minimum order quantities, free shipping, a 100% money-back guarantee, and a super supportive community of women like you. And with our wide selection of 250,000+ wholesale boutique items across all sorts of categories such as clothing, hair accessories, jewelry, children’s items, home decor, and more, there’s PLENTY to go around.


So… what if we told you you could earn FREE inventory just by telling your friends about the awesome supplier you’ve been using?


We’re thrilled to announce our sparkling new referral program. Effective as of now, you can earn $75 in free inventory simply by referring a friend to Supplied. (And don’t worry – we’ll sweeten the deal for your friends, too!) Learn more about how you can earn free inventory through referrals.


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How to Earn $75 in Free Inventory

Earning $75 in free inventory is super easy. First off, if you haven’t yet, create a Supplied account. (If you’ve ever placed an inventory order with Supplied, you already have a member account – if not, you can do so here!)


Then, navigate to your referrals page, either by clicking “Get $75” in the top right corner of your screen or clicking on “My Referral Earnings” from your account dashboard. There, you’ll find a few ways to refer a friend to shop Supplied. You can send an email invite, share your invite on social media, or simply copy your unique referral link and send it via text.


Your referral link isn’t just a convenient way to let your friends know about Supplied and make sure you receive your earnings – it’ll also give your friends $25 in Sparkles once they sign up using your link!


For every business owner you refer who places an order, you’ll get $75 added to your account in Sparkles. You can put that $75 toward your next order – meaning free inventory, just for spreading the word about Supplied! (Thanks, friend!)


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Referral Program FAQs

Got Qs? We’ve got As. (Pst… if you don’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to reach out to our customer service team via on-site chat, Facebook, or email at [email protected].

Who can I invite?

You can invite any business owners or boutique owners! (We call them “friends,” but honestly they don’t have to be – feel free to share your link on blog posts, social media, or online business forums to maximize your reach and your earnings!)

How do Sparkles work?

Sparkles are essentially Supplied store credit. You can use sparkles toward future orders to bring down your total order cost or even receive inventory for free. You can earn additional sparkles by referring friends, shopping with Supplied, and leaving product reviews.

Will I know when someone I refer places an order?

Yep! Aside from seeing your sparkling earnings show up in your account, you can also see who placed an order using your unique link and when by navigating to the “My Referral Earnings” page. (That way, you’ll know who to send your kisses and gratitude to!)

When will I receive my bonus?

$75 in Sparkles will be automatically added to your account when a person you referred places their first Supplied order.

How many friends can I refer and still earn the bonus?

The limit does not exist! Tell your friends, tell your followers – you’ll earn $75 for every single person who signs up with your referral link and places an order. No caps – you could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of free inventory this way!

Will I still earn 3% of my referee’s earnings in addition to the $75 bonus?

Supplied’s previous referral program allowed Supplied members to receive 3% of first-year purchases placed by a referred friend. The one-time $75 referral bonus replaces the previous referral bonus.

I have a friend who would love Supplied – how can I make sure I get the bonus?

Hooray! Thanks for spreading the word – let’s make sure you get all the sparkles you deserve! Rather than simply telling your friends to visit, be sure to share your unique referral link with them. (They’ll get $25 in Supplied credit that way, too!) You’ll also receive the $75 bonus for any friends who sign up through your Group Buy order link. As long as they sign up using one of those two links, you should receive your bonus, but if you have any doubts feel free to reach out to us and we’ll check on everything for you!

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