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How to Save on Inventory with Group Buying

May 19, 2021 12:18

How to Save on Inventory with Group Buying

How to Save on Inventory with Group Buying


Here at Supplied, we pride ourselves on offering affordable wholesale boutique items (hellooo, 75% off wholesale prices!), no MOQs, and incredible margins.


But here’s the thing… when you’re operating a business, every little bit counts. And you could ALWAYS benefit from saving a little extra money on the same wholesale items you’re planning on buying anyway! (Plus, lower costs = larger profit margins!)


We heard ya! That’s why we offer a few different ways to make large inventory orders a little more manageable.


From flexible payment options that allow you to buy now and pay later to a generous referral program to a killer rewards club that allows you to earn sparkles with every review and purchase… if you’re not saving a little extra every so often, you’re doing it wrong! ;)


Now, we’re thrilled to announce yet ANOTHER way you can save money on your next Supplied order!


Introducing the Group Buying Program.


We’ve been testing this out over the past few months, and we’re thrilled to finally roll it out to ALL Supplied members, across the entire site! (That’s right – you can use this feature to save on any of our 250,000+ wholesale boutique items!)


Read on to learn how you can save even MORE on your next inventory order (and the next one, and the next one!) with group buying.


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What is Group Buying?

Here at Supplied, our customers feel like family. We strategize together, celebrate together… and even shop together! Group buying allows Supplied customers to buy together and save together.


Supplied offers steep discounts when you order multiple of the same item. (If you’ve shopped with us before, you may have already enjoyed a 5% discount by ordering 10+ of the same piece!)


Group buying works similarly, only you can team up with fellow business owners to buy in bulk and earn even BIGGER discounts (without having to order TONS of inventory!) Through the new group buying program, you can save up to 30% on your entire order on top of the incredible savings you already enjoy by shopping Supplied.


How Do I Place a Group Buy Order?

It’s easy to start group buying.

  1. First, shop for inventory as you usually would. You’ll still enjoy instant savings by reaching certain tiers at checkout. The more you buy of each item, the more you’ll save:


  • Buy 10+ pieces and you’ll get 5% off, automatically applied at checkout.
  • Buy 50+ pieces and you’ll get 10% off, automatically applied at checkout.
  • Buy 100+ pieces and you’ll get 30% off, automatically applied at checkout.


  1. After adding all of your wholesale boutique items to your cart, choose the “group buy” option at checkout. You can choose to join a group buy with any item. If someone has already started a group buy for that item, perfect! Join theirs and you both might save. If no one has started a group buy for that item yet, start one yourself!


  1. Once you’ve selected the group buy option and double-checked all other details, complete your order. (You can still use Sparkles or flexible payment options to pay if you’d like!)


  1. After placing your group buy order, it’s time to get the word out! Share the items you group-bought with fellow small business owners in your personal network as well as in the Supplied Family Facebook group. If you can get a big enough group together to order 100 pieces of the same item in total, you’ll ALL get 30% off! 


  1. If you succeed in reaching a larger bulk quantity as a group, you’ll receive cashback to your original payment method or in Sparkles. Cha-ching!


The group buy feature is now up and running across the entire site. Start buying and start saving!


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Group Buy vs. Solo Buy

Good news! You actually don’t have to rely on other boutique owners to enjoy these incredible bulk discounts. If you’ve got the $$ to invest and the audience to buy, you can also enjoy the exact same savings by buying bulk on your own.


10+ pieces – 5% off

50+ pieces – 10% off

100+ pieces – 30% off


You’ll have the option to choose between group buying and solo buying at checkout with every order.


Solo buying will give you instant savings based on how many items you ordered, rather than cashback after the fact. When you choose solo buying at checkout, your savings are instant and guaranteed – but even if other boutique owners decide to order multiple of the same items you ordered, you won’t save more. You won’t get cashback through group buying.


Group buying allows you to order less while still potentially enjoying awesome savings. But additional savings aren’t guaranteed – if no one joins your group buy, you won’t receive any cashback. We’d recommend feeling comfortable with whatever price you initially pay just in case nobody else ends up joining your buy-in group.


Note that group buy orders typically take a little longer to ship as well. (This is to give you time to find other people to join your group buy!) You’ll be able to see a delivery estimate for both group buy and solo buy options at checkout.


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