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How to Easily Sell Online Through Facebook Live

September 14, 2021 14:16

selling products online through facebook live


How Do I Start Selling Products on Facebook Live? 

Have you always dreamed of opening your very own shop… but always felt intimidated by the idea of renting out a retail space, having enough product to fill a shop, and making a big long-term investment?


Well, good news: it’s 2021, and you don’t have to have a physical boutique to sell a ton of success selling wholesale jewelry, clothing, or other fabulous products. Online sales are the way of the present and the future. Just 10 years ago, eCommerce sales only accounted for around 5% of retail purchases – but since then, it’s climbed up to over 20% and it’s growing fast. But even creating a website can be daunting – from getting a domain to designing your online storefront to taking quality photos of all of your products. 


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More good news: nowadays, it’s possible to make great money selling online without even having a website at all – using the same tools you’re used to using each day to connect with friends and family. Selling on Facebook Live is an increasingly popular way for boutique owners to sell products online while adding a more personal touch than an online checkout experience can offer. It’s lucrative, it’s fun, and most of all… it’s surprisingly easy to get started. 


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Sure, you COULD spend loads of time strategizing or investing in the best tools… but don’t run into analysis paralysis! Selling on Facebook Live is easier than it looks, and chances are you already have all the tools you need to get started. With just a bit of planning and a healthy dose of bravery, you can totally do it!


Selling online through Facebook Live definitely does have a learning curve, but you’ll learn most quickly and effectively if you just start. So we’ll keep things super simple! Here’s everything you NEED to know before your first Facebook Live.


sell items on facebook live


What is Facebook live selling?

Before you dive in headfirst and smash that “Go Live” button… you need to know what you’re getting into! So let’s start with the basics: what does it mean to sell live on Facebook and why should you consider it?


Selling live refers to using live videos to showcase and sell products. It’s a bit like mixing an eCommerce experience with an infomercial – you’ll go live to present and talk about specific products, and your customers will tune in to purchase available products and interact with you in real-time.


Facebook Live allows you to live stream video directly from your Facebook profile, group, or page. Interested viewers can tune in at any time during your broadcast, just like they would to a live TV show. 


Why sell live on Facebook?

Selling live is a powerful tool because it encourages engagement among your community – and Facebook boosts posts that spark engagement! Facebook Live is one of the best ways to maximize your reach and get your audience to not just watch but to actually make a purchase.


Selling on Facebook Live also involves rather low startup costs. Unlike renting out a brick-and-mortar location or getting a website, going live is completely free. This makes it easier to get started without having to make a large or risky investment – aside from the cost of wholesale products and shipping, you could start making a profit on Facebook Live without spending much at all.


Beyond that, selling on Facebook Live is easy and loads of fun! Many business owners enjoy going live because it allows them to foster a sense of community and really interact with their customers. It involves much more of a personal touch than can be achieved by simply sending an interested customer to a website.



How to Easily Sell Online Through Facebook Live

Going live on Facebook really is easy – but you can make the whole process even more painless with some basic planning. We’ll go over what you should expect to prepare before, during, and after your Facebook live broadcast.


Before Going Live

If you’ve already got loads of inventory and you’re the type of person who’s gutsy enough to just wing it… hey, go for it! All it really takes to go live is to log into your Facebook account and tap a button. But starting to plan for your broadcast a few weeks in advance can help you stream with more viewers, more sales, and more confidence. Here’s what to prepare before you go live.


  1. Inventory

Think about what products and collections you’ll feature during your Facebook Live.


If you’ve been selling products on other channels and you already have a collection you’d like to feature during your first video, great! Set them aside and start thinking about how you’ll showcase them.


Start looking for on-trend wholesale products that’ll offer you excellent margins. 


  1. Equipment

Now, you’ve just got to figure out how you’ll go live. Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy camera or any expensive gear – technically, all you need to go live is a computer or mobile phone!


Consider what device you’ll use to film your video, where in your house you’ll live stream from, and any other equipment you’ll plan on using. If you want to test how your setup looks and works, try doing a quick practice run. (This will help you figure out the state of your WiFi connection, too!)


Think about where online you will go live, too. Facebook now allows you to go live on a Page, group, profile, or event. Many social sellers prefer to go live on a Facebook group or a page rather than mixing business and personal on their usual Facebook profile. 


If you do choose to go live in a dedicated business Facebook page or group, be sure to create that page or group well before you want to start selling live. That way, you’ll have time to build up an audience, invite friends and family to join, and keep your audience engaged by posting regularly.


  1. Schedule

You’ve thought about the why, the how, the where – now, start thinking about when. 


Schedule your Facebook Live during a time that your potential customers might be most likely to tune in. Then, consider how long your live video will run for, whether it’s a quick 30 minutes or a more in-depth sales video of an hour or more. 


Once you’ve scheduled your event, be sure to let everyone know about it! A week or more in advance, let your customers know when you’ll be going live and how they can join you by posting reminders on your group, page, and profile. 


Going Live

Showtime! Here’s how to go live and host a successful broadcast:

How to Go Live

You can go live on Facebook using a phone or computer. 


To go live on Facebook using a phone…

  1. Use the Facebook app, available on iOS and Android
  2. Navigate to the Page, group, profile, or event where you want to publish your live stream
  3. Tap the Live button at the bottom of the post composer
  4. Add a description to your video, being sure to note that it’s a sales post and how customers can participate/make a purchase. You can also tag friends, check into a location, or add a feeling.
  5. Tap Start Live Video
  6. Tap Finish when you want to end your broadcast.


To go live on Facebook from a desktop or laptop computer…

  1. At the top of your news feed, click “What’s on your mind, [Name]”?
  2. Click on the three dots icon, then select Live Video. You will automatically be redirected to Live Producer, which is how you can go live on Facebook using higher-end streaming software and production equipment.
  3. Write a description for your live video, being sure to note that it’s a sales post and how customers can participate/make a purchase
  4. Click Go Live in the bottom left.
  5. Click Finish when you want to end your broadcast.


Facebook Live Selling Tips

Many classic sales strategies apply to Facebook Lives as well as to pop-up events, in-person boutiques, eCommerce stores, and beyond. Here are a few quick ones that’ll be especially relevant during your live stream. 


  • Create urgency – Sure, your products are great and all… but why should a customer buy NOW instead of waiting around to make a decision? Emphasize limited quantities, offer a discount that’s good only during the live sale, or throw in a free gift with every order placed tonight only to create urgency.
  • Make it easy to buy – List clear ordering instructions in the video listing description as well as verbally throughout your video, whether viewers have to comment “SOLD” if they want a particular item, send you a DM, or send payment to claim an item. The easier, the better!
  • Show off your products – At a retail store, customers can see, touch, feel, and even try on products they’re thinking of buying. When you’re selling live, it’s up to you to show off and describe each product well enough that they’re excited to buy.
  • Keep your audience engaged – Especially at the beginning of your broadcast, ask plenty of questions to invite engagement. Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share throughout. Engaged customers will be more likely to make a purchase!


After Going Live

Even after you end your broadcast, your Facebook Live can still keep working for you! Take some time to consider what went well and what you’d like to see more of during your next live sale. Then, share your video after the fact to continue driving sales and engagement.


How to Save & Use Your Video

After you end your broadcast, Facebook will automatically save videos to your timeline and videos section. You’ll have the chance to trim the beginning and end of your video if there’s anything you’d like to cut. 


Keep in mind that some of your audience (and new potential customers discovering your page and your video for the first time) may happen upon your video after the fact, so you may want to include detailed information about how they can shop some of the same products you featured in your live video or when to tune into your next sale in the description.


If you’d like, you can cross-promote your video by uploading clips or the entire video to other social platforms.



How to Make Things Even Easier

We’re all about working smarter, not harder. Here are a few bonus tips on how to make your first Facebook Live even easier on yourself!


Ask for help

Enlist friends or family members to help you out during your broadcast – whether by handing you products from behind the screen, keeping your kids from interrupting your video, or tuning in and engaging during your broadcast. You don’t have to do this all on your own!


Learn from those who came before you

There are so many other boss babes who’ve seen a lot of success from selling on Facebook Live – but they all started where you’re currently at! 


Check Out Supplied Facebook group for advice and tips from people who’ve been in your same fabulous shoes.


Manage your expectations

Not to burst your bubble, but you might not sell out of all of your inventory within the first 10 minutes. It’s great to have big dreams and goals, but you’ve got to start somewhere – and your first-ever broadcast might not be as hugely successful as your 100th. But even having the courage to go live and start is a huge accomplishment!


Get software

Live selling software isn’t a must-have, but it can make things easier if you have the budget for it. For example, CommentSold offers a live overlay that displays clear purchasing instructions in real-time over your video, along with auto-invoicing software to make collecting payments a breeze. 


Offer steep discounts

Your first broadcast will feel a lot more manageable & successful if lots of people tune in and make a purchase… and what better way to incentivize them than by offering killer discounts or free products? Build the hype and drive sales with one-night-only promotions.


Use free resources

Still have questions or fears or doubts about how to sell online through Facebook Live? Hey, we get it! Download our free XX page guide: How to Make Money Selling on Facebook Live. It’s full of tips, tricks, and step-by-step instructions to live selling success, with more of a focus on how you can actually start earning money right away.

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