Spring Has Sprung

July 1, 2020 04:36

Spring Has Sprung

Spring launched this week, and while it is usually a symbol of rebirth, this year seems to be a bit different. There is currently no re-do on the state of affairs, so we’ll have to enjoy the beauty that comes with the changing of seasons from in our homes. Lets take this opportunity to spring forward, brighten up our dwellings and brighten up our mood by dressing chic and feeling beautiful. Earlier in the week I created a spring cleaning collection to give people the products and tools to feel motivated to start all those cleaning projects they’ve been putting off. Time is a value we all have currently, so why not use it to be productive?

I tried to source bright and fresh products that can enhance your mood as much as your environment, and wanted to use that as the springboard for this new collection. Typically, with the launch of spring fashion comes pastels, florals, and ruffles, all things that speak my love language. Let’s use these beautiful prints, colors and state of mind to keep us present and remind us that all in the world is not difficult.

With this assortment I wanted to create an ultra feminine collection that highlights some of the key colors for the season, saffron yellow and cinnamon stick. I focused on these colors because they’re uplifting and easy to wear, not to mention, on trend. I also wanted to focus on the feminine textures that are widely being used currently. I love the eyelet and lace textures that can be found from the runway to the street. They’re so feminine and pretty, and evoke feelings of romanticism. I also looked for pieces that have floral prints, texture, and pastels to carry through the collection, including quite a few pieces highlighting rainbows. While rainbows are on trend, I also wanted to include them because they always appear after the storm.

Rainbows symbolize love, resilience and self reflection. And if Coronavirus has taught us anything, its that we need to stick together to weather the storm. So if you’re looking for a little pick me up, and a way to escape, check out my new curated collection. I have no doubt you’ll love the feminine pieces and the beautiful color palette to take you to dreamier places. And just remember, you will weather this storm and find your rainbow.

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