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Get Ready for the Supplied Holiday Stock-Up Sale

October 8, 2020 13:43


For boutique owners, Christmas seems to come early every year.

In order to stock up your online boutique for the holiday season, you’ve got to plan WAY ahead. More often than not, that means skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving and buying all of your winter & Christmas inventory in October, months in advance.

Think about it – if you want your customers to be able to order gifts in time for December 25th, they’ve got to have at least a month or so to do that. Add supplier shipping times, lead times, and unexpected delay times into the equation, and you’re best off ordering inventory as soon as possible. (Not to mention how COVID-19 has introduced all kinds of delays and hurdles into shipping and fulfillment processes, too! For more of an idea on what to expect there, read How to Prepare Your Store for the Holiday Season During COVID-19.)


Even if you’ve barely started planning for your boutique’s holiday season, don’t stress. In fact, your timing might be perfect! Here at Supplied, we’re running a MASSIVE week-long Holiday Stock-Up Sale, complete with giveaways, special collections, and daily flash sales. You definitely won’t want to miss it!


Supplied Holiday Stock-Up Sale Details

We’ll definitely be throwing in a few (okay, a LOT of) surprises during this sale, but here are all the details we can share with you now about the Supplied Holiday Stock-Up Sale:

  • This sale runs for five days, from Monday, October 12th to Friday, October 16th. (Mark your calendars!)
  • Every single day, we’ll announce a different daily flash sale of up to 70% off at 10 am PST. (Honestly, you might want to set your alarm, too – these deals are only good while supplies last, and we’re guessing we’ll sell out of select items quickly!)
  • DAILY social media giveaways of best-selling Supplied items on Facebook and Instagram (you decide whether you sell them in your boutique or choose to keep them to yourself!)
  • Launches of never-before-seen collections, full of items that are PERFECT for holiday gift-giving.
  • Surprise Free shipping discounts!

Prepping for the busy holiday season has never been so fun! Be sure you’re following us on FB and IG so you don’t miss out on the festivities.

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Get excited! We’ll see you next week :)


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