Supplied Shop Versus Alibaba and Aliexpress

July 1, 2020 04:01

Supplied Shop Versus Alibaba and Aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress are great services — our company has used them for years when searching for factories. But they both have have some inherent flaws that led in part to us building out Supplied

First of all, Alibaba was primarily built to allow people to find factories. Though they've added a featured called "ready to ship", it's clear that the UI/UX was built as a way to find factories and not to allow people to buy inventory from them.

Aliexpress, on the other hand, was built to make it very easy to buy inventory from the factories. But Aliexpress was built with consumers in mind — not for businesses wanting to purchase inventory and wanting it sooner than two months out!

Supplied gets you the best of both worlds, allowing you to purchase inventory directly from factories, skipping the wholesaler in the middle, through a process and infrastructure designed with small businesses in mind. Our website — and really, entire business — was built around giving you the capability to buy your inventory from factories.

Probably the most pronounced difference between Supplied and Alibaba/Aliexpress is how we deal with shipping. When you purchase from Alibaba or Aliexpress, you are working directly with one factory. First of all, it's a hassle having to negotiate and pay with multiple factories. If you want to purchase just ten items, from ten factories, you have to waste time doing the same job ten times!

Furthermore, because you most likely don’t want to take inventory risks and purchase a lot of product from each factory,  the factory will be forced to ship via EMS or China Post to save on shipping. So you won't get a reliable tracking number and it'll take 30 to 60 days to ship! It's as good as the product never arriving — and sometimes it never does.

We understand that you need a one stop shop where you can easily purchase dozens of products from multiple factories without having to do extra work — and get the product fast. With us, once your order is placed, we consolidate the order for you in our warehouse and the product is ready to ship within 10 days. It's shipped a FedEx, DHL or UPS for guaranteed delivery within 3-7 days, plus a tracking number. No more holding your breath on merchandise!

We understand that you need to focus on your business — and worrying about whether or not you will get your inventory is not worth your time. So our goal is to make purchasing inventory for your business profitable, providing you with the lowest pricing but also helping you focus on what matters most to you. And finally, if you have any problems with your inventory, we provide seamless returns.

Owning a small retail business has never been easier.


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