UPDATED 12/2/20: Read a message from our CEO about delivery delays.

Dear Supplied Customers,

This holiday season, online shopping and shipping volumes are expected to be at an all-time high. As a result, delivery delays are expected. We encourage you to shop early this year, to ensure that your items arrive on time.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • Working with Shipping Partners: We’re working closely with our shipping partners to forecast holiday shopping volume. Our goal, and theirs, is to deliver your items as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Customer Communication: We will strive to give you accurate estimates of delivery times and provide easy access to your order’s tracking information. Should we encounter any unexpected issues after you order, we will email you.
We ask for your continued patience and support. Please know that we will do our part to get your order shipped to you quickly and efficiently. We sincerely appreciate your business.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

Joseph Heller
Founder and CEO, Supplied

Supplied's Vision for the Future

July 1, 2020 04:12

Supplied's Vision for the Future
We believe in a world where the future of retail only has two important players in the supply chain: you, the direct to consumer brand or retailer and the factory. Anyone else in the supply chain — wholesalers, importers, distributors, brands that don’t directly touch the customer, et cetera — are simply unneeded and unfairly stripping value and margin from the factory and your business. With today’s expensive cost of customer acquisition, high rents, burdensome tax regulations and soaring costs of labor, it’s necessary to boost your margins as much as possible.

The concept behind Supplied is extremely simple. We connect you directly with thousands of factories that are skilled in both designing and manufacturing products. You would be shocked at the number of middlemen that touch a product before it reaches you in the status quo — but the result is prices usually 3X to 5X the original factory price. This puts you in a difficult position: you either need to accept reduced margins or reduced sales because the products are too expensive for your customers, and often times you will be caught in the middle and suffer from both!

Through our factory direct marketplace, you will have thousands of factories competing for your business and offering the best prices and quality. Your margins will go from being on average 50 percent to 75 to 85 percent. Just imagine — if you are currently doing $1 million per year in revenue, you will go from $500,000 to $750,000-$850,000 in gross margins if you were to buy all of your inventory on Supplied. That’s a game changer!

With us, you can order multiple products from multiple factories all in one platform. And instead of dealing with burdensome factory and wholesale MOQs that can be as high as several thousand dollars, it’s a requirement on our platform that factories must have an MOQ of 1. That’s right — if you want to order a $.50 ring directly from a factory, you can do that on Supplied. You can mix and match the products that you want from thousands of different factories.

Shipping is free when you order $99 or more worth of inventory. And for all orders, we take care of all of the shipping for you as well as customs clearance. It takes us only 10 days to consolidate your entire order and you will receive 5 to 7 days after it leaves our office.

In fact, because of our rapid shipping times and your ability to purchase one product, we recommend that you only purchase a few pieces of each item to test with your audiences — then double down on the products that you know are going to sell from actual sales numbers. 

One question that we frequently get is: "how can I trust the quality?” First of all, you should understand that the factories on our platform are vetted for quality. They are the same factories that sell to leading brands and wholesalers. Literally: some of our factories do production for some of the largest brands in the world such as Nike, Hugo Boss, Victoria Secret, Disney, Crate and Barrel and evening Louis Vuitton. The only difference is that you are buying the product factory direct instead of through a middleman.<

Moreover, if there are any complaints about a factory’s output, we take them seriously and will remove the factories from our platform. The last line of defense: you have 14 days to return the product to our warehouse in the USA, no questions asked, and we will provide you with a full refund, less shipping.

To make you feel even better, we have an NPS score of over 60. By comparison Apple and Amazon have an NPS score of between 68 and 70. An NPS score of over 60 is world class, especially when taking into consideration that we are serving the world's most important — but picky — customer, the small business.

We're also proud of some special programs that we have rolled out. Although we are dropping thousands of products, we know that knew products are always becoming available and that sometimes we miss important ones. We offer a free merchandising nd sourcing service where we will find a product for you free of charge within 72 hours — just message our team on socials!

Speaking of trends, the biggest challenge in retail today is not only keeping up with trends but being ahead of trends and creating the future. We are creating the world's most reactive supply chain by giving you the ability to communicate directly with the factory through your orders and provide them with recommendations on how to improve their product or launch new products. For example, we’ve had customers provide feedback to factories to launch new, trending colors — and factories have adjusted materials and even fit based on our customers' feedback. This is so much better than giving feedback to a wholesaler whom will almost always not listen — and if they do will take too long to respond. The factories on Supplied sometimes react in days.

We also recently launched a program where if you apply and order over $10,000 worth of inventory with us per year, we can provide you with 30, 60 and 90 day terms.

Lastly, we're developing on an artificial intelligence and machine learning program that will allow us to predict with extreme accuracy the number of products you should order and which products you should order. Ordering for your store has never been easier. And we're constantly launch new products and services to ensure that your retail store is among the most competitive in the world.

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