The Future of Retail Is Independent, Part II

July 1, 2020 04:25

    The Future of Retail Is Independent, Part II  

Yesterday, we wrote a blog that got a lot of interest about the continued retail apocalypse — and our view that national retailers will be replaced by local and independent retailers. This blog is a follow up to that blog with a little more insight and evidence for why we take this view.

When we launched Supplied, we weren’t sure exactly the type of customers that would be attracted to our product offering. From our company’s work in custom manufacturing we knew there would be a lot of demand for a product offering that allowed retailers to purchase already  manufactured products directly from the factory. 

What we didn’t anticipate was that one of our best acquisition channels for this offering would be Facebook and Instagram, and we also didn’t anticipate the wide variety of businesses that would be interested in our offering.

Below is a sampling of the wonderful brands that follow our Instagram account, many of which have become customers and purchase inventory from us. The first thing that struck us was that over 90% are businesses owned by women. They are incredibly diverse as you can see and from all parts of the United States. Some have turned their businesses into full time jobs, others as a part time job, others are full-time stay-at-home moms and run their businesses part time and others have had major illnesses which required flexibility — so they built businesses around their needs and made it happen. 

These businesses range from a focus on selling cactuses to an entrepreneur that focuses only on selling crystals — to another business lady that offers meal kits and personal fitness classes! 

As our last blog mentioned, Amazon and Walmart will dominate efficiency and commodity purchases such as standard diapers, paper cups and toothpaste. However, it’s hard to see how even Amazon and Walmart are going to compete with these very niche businesses which continue to grow and are continuing to be empowered by more technology such as Instagram. This trend is even stronger with how Supplied is providing entrepreneurs with the same product sourcing capabilities that was once belonged only to major retailers.

These entrepreneurs know their customer extremely well and are totally committed to their business. These are the companies that are going to fill the void of the continued retail apocalypse. I encourage you to check them out!

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Farmhouse Flare Co.

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