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15 Wholesale Boutique Items to Stock Up On for Valentine’s Day

January 18, 2021 09:12

15 Wholesale Boutique Items to Stock Up On for Valentine’s Day

15 Valentine's Day Items To Carry In Your Boutique


Valentine’s day is right around the corner. But as a boutique owner, you’ve got more than just your significant other and your date night getup to think about. From romantic gifts to BFFs looking for the perfect Galentine’s surprise, ‘tis the season for gift-giving. Valentine’s Day is a great time to sell more jewelry, accessories, decor, and other items. 


Wondering whether it’s worth it to prep your boutique much for Valentine’s Day? Just a little prep could do wonders for your bottom line. Americans typically spend a whole lot on Valentine’s Day – in 2020 alone, they spent $27.4 billion collectively, an average of $196.31 per person. Carrying the right products in your online boutique and implementing the right Valentine’s Day marketing strategy could lead to a massive increase in sales. Make sure your customers have plenty of gift options to choose from in your shop! 


Read on to learn when to start buying inventory for Valentine’s Day, what type of wholesale boutique items you should start stocking up on, and shopping links to 15 wholesale boutique items you need to sell for Valentine’s Day.


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When Should I Start Buying Inventory for Valentine’s Day?

When it comes to shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for that special person in your life, you still have loads of time to find the perfect gift. But if you’re looking to buy Valentine’s Day inventory for your shop, you’ve got to think much further ahead. You’ve got to consider shipping times, lead times, how long it will take to add your products to your online store, and how long it will take you to ship those products out to your customers. Because in the end, if your clientele can’t get their hands on the products in time for Valentine’s Day, there’s really no point!)


A good rule of thumb is to place orders for upcoming holidays or seasons around 2 months before they start. But if you haven’t finished up your Valentine’s Day 2021 inventory shopping yet, you’ve still got a little time. (Just make sure you’re aware of Chinese New Year shipping delays. If you don’t get your order in by January 23rd, not only will it not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day but it won’t arrive at your doorstep at all until March.)


The Best Wholesale Items to Sell on Valentine’s Day

Make sure you have plenty of holiday-ready items in stock for V-Day gifts and Valentine’s Day outfit ideas. The type of items you choose to stock your online boutique with is totally up to you, but here are a few of the most popular categories of items to sell on Valentine’s Day.



Valentine’s Day is one of the very best times to sell jewelry. In 2020, US consumers spent a grand total of $5.8 billion on jewelry that day alone, spending an average of $196.31 per person on Valentine’s Day. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, you name it – stocking up on jewelry ahead of Valentine’s Day is definitely a good idea. (You might want to consider carrying jewelry with a slightly higher price point than what you’re used to – people might be more inclined to splurge on a Valentine’s Day gift than they would otherwise!)


Even if you usually only carry clothing in your online boutique, expanding your product line to include jewelry is a smart move. Not only can it help you boost sales during Valentine’s Day, but it can also help you increase overall order amounts. (Plus, bonus – no need to worry about carrying multiple sizes or expensive shipping costs due to weight!) Read this post to learn more about how to buy wholesale jewelry.



Sure, we’re all going out a lot less than we’re used to these days – but that doesn’t mean your customers aren’t planning on getting all dressed up for a cozy night in with their significant other. 


Look for pretty, flirty pieces you can carry in your shop to make your customers feel like a million bucks this Valentine’s Day. Cocktail dresses, lacy blouses, and high heels are all great pieces to keep an eye out for as you’re doing your Valentine’s Day inventory shopping. (Bonus points if they’re red, pink, or have a heart pattern!)


If you don’t usually carry formal attire, consider releasing a special Valentine’s Day-only collection, or doing Valentine’s Day outfits your own way. Maybe for your customers, a flirty hot pink tee is as romantic as it gets! Carry Valentine’s Day items that still feel authentic and true to the brand you’ve already established.



Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day… and on Valentine’s night. If it fits your brand, stock sweet and sexy bras, panties, and teddies that your customers (and your customers’ significant others) would love. Keep in mind that black lingerie is still the most popular even for Valentine’s Day, much more popular than red or pink.


Of course, the decision of whether or not to purchase Valentine’s Day lingerie for your online boutique depends a lot on your brand. If yours is more of a family-friendly, wholesome boutique, it might not be such a good idea to switch gears and start selling all things sexy. But if you can do it in a tasteful, on-brand way, it might be worth considering. 


Valentine’s Home Decor

Encourage your customers to celebrate love for longer than just one day. Sell cute, stylish Valentine’s Day home decor, including rugs, towels, banners, kitchenware, and more. Even the smallest things, like using a heart-shaped platter or putting up a red and pink banner, can make a difference! Plus, some soft, Valentine’s Day-inspired decor can still be used year-round if you’re into florals and pink. 


If you don’t usually sell home decor in your online boutique, now could be a great time to test it out and see how a few Valentine’s decor items perform in your shop. Who knows? Maybe your customers will absolutely love getting those pieces from you!


Galentine’s Day Gifts

Sure, Valentine’s Day is February 14th… but don’t sleep on Galentine’s Day, February 13th! Stock up on cute wholesale accessories and gifts. Think about presents your customers could give to each of her best girlfriends – jewelry, bath bombs, face masks, scrunchies, mugs, roses, water bottles, etc. You could even run a Galentine’s Day promo on bundles of certain items – may as well make it easy for your customers to show their best girlfriends how much they care!


Pet Presents

When you think of Valentine’s Day, your mind might not immediately go to buying gifts for a pet. But surveys show that around 19% of consumers buy their pets a gift on Valentine’s Day, spending around $681 million total. Keep an eye out for Valentine’s-related pet treats, outfits, and toys to stock in your shop, especially if you typically carry pet products.


15 Wholesale Boutique Items You Need for Valentine’s Day – Links

***To get your inventory before Valentine's Day 2021, be sure to order by 1/23/2021. Read here for more details.***

  1. Simple Heart Double Necklace

Simple Heart Double Necklace

This dainty yet oh-so-pretty heart necklace features a double strand and a cut that goes with literally any outfit. Market this piece as the finishing touch of any Valentine’s Day date night outfit or as the necklace she should show her husband when he asks her what she wants for V-Day. Shop the Simple Heart Double Necklace here.

  1. Crystal Rose Flowers
    Crystal Rose Flowers Valentine's Day Gift

These gorgeous crystal rose flowers might be even more romantic than regular roses. They’re lush, shimmery, and they’ll never die. Encourage your customers to purchase these roses as part of their Galentine’s Day bundle, to make a bouquet for their significant other, or simply to decorate for Valentine’s Day. (Better yet, include one as a free gift in every order to show your customers how much you appreciate them!) They come in various romantic colors, from classic red and pink to bolder blue and purple. Shop Crystal Rose Flowers here.

  1. Pink Jade Face Roller & Gua Sha Set

Pink Jade Face Roller and Heart-Shaped Scrapping Board Set
This Galentine’s Day, your customers will be able to give the gift of gorgeous, pampered skin. This pretty and feminine jade roller and gua sha set will make the perfect friend’s gift. (Your customers will probably want to snag one for themselves, too!) Shop the Pink Jade Face Roller & Gua Sha Set here.

  1. Stunning Red Rose Earrings

Stunning Red Rose Earrings

These sweet statement earrings instantly elevate any date night outfit. Though they’re especially perfect for Valentine’s Day, your customers will be able to wear them all year long once the 14th is over. Shop the Stunning Red Rose Earrings here


  1. Red Rose Greeting Card
    Red Rose Greeting Card

Not everyone’s love language is gifts – some people require words of affirmation in order to feel truly loved. Sell this gorgeous popup greeting card in your shop so your customers can let their loved ones know just how much they care, in their own words. Shop the Red Rose Greeting Card here.

  1. Heart Friendship Necklace
    Heart Friendship Necklace

This classic necklace is the perfect way for your customers to show their BFF how much they care. It’s a sweet, affordable option for Galentine’s Day. (Plus, it’s a gift your customer gets to keep half of!) Shop the Heart Friendship Necklace here.


  1. Camilla Heart Earrings

Camilla Heart Earrings

Like a super-stylish valentine for your ears! These red acrylic earrings make an elegant statement, adding a romantic touch to any date night outfit. Plus, they’re high-quality and affordable. Shop the Camilla Heart Earrings here.

  1. Faux Rose Vine Decor

Faux Rose Vine Decor

This pretty wall decor will help your customers make their entire home Valentine’s Day-ready. It’ll make a romantic backdrop for Valentine’s Day photos or simply just to make their apartment a little more festive. Shop the Faux Rose Vine Decor here.


  1. Pearl Hollow Cage Bra

Pearl Hollow Cage Bra

Sexy, yet tasteful. This dainty pearl bra features a feminine ribbon tie on the back and a super sexy cut – but it’s not just for the bedroom. Show your customers how they could layer it over a flowy top for a flirty look. Shop the Pearl Hollow Cage Bra here


  1. Wallflower Scrunchie

Wallflower Scrunchie

You can never have too many scrunchies or hair accessories. These dainty scrunchies practically scream “add to cart,” whether as a Galentine’s Day gift or to add the finishing to a Valentine’s Day hairdo. They also make a great free gift to generously add with every Valentine’s Day order. Shop the Wallflower Scrunchie here.


  1. Classic Heart Sunglasses

Seriously, how fun are these?! These vintage-inspired heart sunglasses are a great Galentine’s Day gift or a quirky way to celebrate the 14th in style. Post a picture of them paired with a bold red lip on your Instagram and they’ll fly off the shelves. Shop the Classic Heart Sunglasses here.


  1. Freya Heart-Shaped Baking Tin

Freya Heart-Shaped Baking Tin

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and heart-shaped baked goods should get you there even faster. These adorable tins are perfect for Valentine’s Day baking, whether your customers make sweets for their significant other or just for themselves. Shop the Freya Heart-Shaped Baking Tin here.


  1. Pearlescent White Rose Choker

Pearlescent White Rose Choker

Feminine meets classic with this gorgeous white rose choker. It’ll add the perfect touch to your customer’s date night ensemble, whether they wear a classic red dress or something a little more casual. Shop the Pearlescent White Rose Choker here.


  1. Immortal Rose Earrings

Immortal Rose Earrings

These pretty roses will never wilt or lose any of their beauty. These delicate rose earrings make a pretty Galentine’s Day gift or a great accessory to wear on Valentine’s Day itself. Shop the Immortal Rose Earrings here.

  1. Heart Doodle Coffee Set

Heart Doodle Coffee Set

This heart doodle coffee set is sure to start your customers’ Valentine’s Day off on the right foot, whether with breakfast in bed or coffee with the girls. It makes a great Galentine’s Day gift that can be used year-round. Shop the Heart Doodle Coffee Set here.

These wholesale boutique items will help you take advantage of this fun (and lucrative!) holiday, no matter what type of boutique you run. Looking for even more wholesale boutique items that are perfect for Valentine’s Day? Browse through hundreds of romantic wholesale accessories, jewelry, home decor, and gift ideas in Supplied’s Valentine’s Day Collection Sale.

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