No minimum order requirement Free shipping over $150 Free 30-day returns Get Started Free

No minimum order requirement Free shipping over $150 Free 30-day returns Get Started Free


About Supplied

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to create a network of 100 million entrepreneurs and empower them to generate meaningful income for their families.

Supplied is an all-in-one wholesale platform for small businesses and brands. We get that buying wholesale can be tricky to navigate on your own, so we’ve put our years of experience and our business savvy to work in order to simplify the entire process. (You’re welcome!) We help small business owners and entrepreneurs stock their inventory with items that sell out and offer jaw-dropping profit margins.

How Supplied works


I'm ready to make my dreams come true of becoming a boutique owner, but I have no clue where to shop for my inventory.


Supplied has thousands of trendy products at the lowest prices.


Other wholesale sites don't stand a chance. I can easily mix and match products with no minimum order quantities to my heart's content.


I get supplied with a click of a magic button


Now it's time for Supplied to work their magic and go to each factory I ordered from (I didn't even know I was ordering from more than 1 factory) and get my items all together for 1 delivery.


This is the moment I've been waiting for, Supplied dispatches my order and I get it in 2-3 weeks. Yaas!

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Meet our talents


Chief of Staff

Raised in Beijing, China by a strong single mother, Sarah’s always been passionate about female entrepreneurship and empowerment. Sarah’s prior experience working at Apple taught her to focus relentlessly on the customer and always strive for the highest standard, an attitude she’s brought to the Supplied team.


Head of Marketing

Marie has dedicated her career to empowering women entrepreneurs all over the world to achieve their dreams, knowing women-owned and led-businesses are strong catalysts for economic growth. She’s thrilled to build strong relationships with customers and leverage her vast e-commerce marketing expertise here at Supplied.


Community Manager

Jehan Loren has been with Supplied since the beginning. Her fierce work ethic, happy disposition, and willingness to try new things have led her to perform many roles in the company, from executive assistant to marketing associate. Entrepreneurship totally runs in her family, providing her valuable insight and empathy into the Supplied customer experience.

Meet the Founder

A born entrepreneur, I always knew I wanted to help fellow entrepreneurs start small businesses and achieve their goals. After graduating from college, I moved to China, where I gained valuable insight into manufacturing and back-end supply chain.

I started Supplied’s parent company, The/Studio in an effort to democratize manufacturing… but quickly realized many small business owners were simply searching for a reliable way to buy and resell affordable wholesale inventory. And Supplied was born.

In the golden age of e-commerce, Supplied allows even the smallest company to purchase as little as one piece (no MOQ) from a selection of over 250,000 wholesale products from over 10,000 factories. Boutique owners get factory-direct pricing to stock their online store, Instagram, Facebook Live, pop-up store or brick and mortar retail store.

Welcome to the Supplied community. We hope that you meet all of your entrepreneurial dreams, and we’re always here to support you in doing so.

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