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How can I save up to 75% off wholesale prices?

It's easy — work with us! All the prices you see here are almost exactly what the factory would charge you. No middlemen, no middlemen uncharges — that's the future of wholesale.

How can Supplied's prices be so affordable?

We work directly with factories thanks to an experienced sourcing team that's present in every country we work in. They visit the factories personally and establish relationships that allow you, the customer, to buy directly from the factories' own inventories rather than a wholesaler who simply stockpiles the inventory for the factory. Taking out that middleman allows us to deliver quality gear for nearly factory prices. It's that simple.

When can I expect to get my order?

We strive to consolidate and ship all orders within ten days of receiving them; during periods of higher order volume, we may take longer as we strive to ensure every order receives rigorous quality control.

Does Supplied dropship to my customers?

We don't — but it's for a good reason! Consolidating your order and shipping directly to you allows us to fulfill orders much faster as well as provide air shipping at a highly discounted rate — or for free on certain order sizes. Plus, it allows you to do a quality control check and enjoy even better margins.

Do I get tracking information?

When your order is fulfilled by our consolidation department, you'll receive a notification as well as tracking information to watch your package make its way around the world, right to you.

Does Supplied provide net terms or credit?

We do not at the moment, our pilot program has now ended and we are evaluating how to implement this in the future.

Returns, Refunds & Customer Service

What happens if I don't like the items I receive?

Every order enjoys a no-questions asked return policy for the seven days following your receipt of your package - you will just be required to pay for the return shipping cost.

What happens if my order is missing items?

We try our best to ensure every order is flawless, but if your order arrives less than perfect — wrong items, missing items or broken pieces — we will issue a refund or send you the correct or missing items for free. Please note that we are not responsible for losses incurred as a result of delayed shipping.

When is Supplied customer service available to help me with my order?

Our staff is here to help you on chat, email, Facebook or over the phone Monday through Friday, 9-5PM PST.

About Supplied

Where is Supplied based?

We're driven by a California-based team of experienced supply chain leaders, with offices in the same countries we source from. You can rest assured that no matter what time it is, our staff members are working hard to bring your order to fruition.

Where does Supplied get its merchandise?

We work with a variety of factory partners who've produced more goods than they're able to sell. Our production team scours these factories' inventories, looking for high-quality merchandise that we can bring to you at better-than-wholesaler price.

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