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Buy now, pay later

Shop your new sparkling inventory today, pay later

Buy using one of the financing options at checkout. This means you could sell your products before you have to pay.

pay later

Instant approval

Financing options are approved instantly, provided you meet all terms and conditions. Approvals are determined on a case by case basis.


Grow your business

Paying later means you have more cash flow to grow your business. Any amount you pay off on your line becomes available to you to use again.


Zero commissions. Zero fees.

Your margin is yours to keep. And you know with Supplied, those margins are oh so delectable! Yaas!


Pay after 60 days

Purchases made with Net 60 terms won’t be charged until 60 days after you order—giving you time to sell products before ever paying for them.



60 days

Credit Check

No impact


No fees


*Must have Tax Exempt/Reseller Certificate to apply
Apply for Net 60


How do Supplied Net 60 terms work?

It's simple! With our Net 60 terms, you do not have to pay for your order right away. You pay 60 days from when your order ships.

How do you determine my Net 60 limit?

Net 60 limits are determined on a case by case basis when you apply. We consider many factors such as how accurately customers answer questions, what their email is, whether or not they have a real website, a real store, what type of business entity are they, etc

How do I apply for Supplied Net 60 terms?

You have two options:

  1. Get an approved credit line/limit before you check-out. Visit to create a customer account and get a credit line approved ahead of your inventory order on Supplied
  2. Alternatively, you can also register once you are ready to check-out Add products to your cart as you normally would. At check out, select Net 60 as a payment option

What do I need to apply?

  1. Federal Tax ID (EIN), or Social Security Number for Sole Proprietorship
    Note: State and local tax IDs will not be accepted.
  2. Legal business name
    Since we verify the EINs to see if they match with the businesses, please make sure the full legal name is used when signing up.
  3. Business email address
  4. Business phone number
  5. Official business address
  6. Upload a valid Tax Exempt / Reseller Certificate
    Note: IRS SS-4 or SOS registration forms will not be accepted as proof of tax exempt status.
  7. Securely connect to your bank (via Plaid) for approval. Your account balance and account history will impact your credit approval.

Can my application be rejected instantly?

There is no instant denial. If your info doesn’t instantly pass, you go to manual review. If you’re denied, we reach out to tell you.

Can I pay earlier than 60 days?

Yes you can. Any amount you pay off becomes available to you again.

Will Net 60 affect my Supplied account in any way?


Are my bank account details safe with Rumbleship?

Your security is of utmost importance to us too! Our Net 60 partner uses Plaid for secure connection and It’s best in class. Plaid is trusted by companies like American Express, Venmo and more

Grow with us

Supplied is all about helping us build better businesses. Having the option to pay later helps my business tremendously! I’m able to buy and pay back with the profits I’m making on the items! Typically by the time a payment is due, I’ve sold out of various items and it definitely helps takes the pressure off since I know I’ve made a profit already and can pay off my bill! It truly helps me keep steady inventory because even if I have a slow month, I know I can still order new items and pay later. I’ve taken full advantage of this option through Supplied and I’m grateful for it.

Micheila Diaz, owner of Eye of the Gemini
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